Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Some Tippity-Tips for Staying On Track

Staying on track can be one of the hardest things when you are on a health and fitness journey. It is simple enough to get started with a new work out plan, or eating more wholesome foods, but eventually that love wears off and you eventually feel STUCK. Sure, that feeling is temporary and you can move on, but how do you even start the process of moving forward? While I was brainstorming for this post I compiled five of my go-to tips that I like to use when I am either feeling low on motivation or just need an extra boost. Of course, be sure to share in the comments if there is anything that you find yourself drawn to!

Let's get to it : )

1. Find a buddy. It is so powerful to find someone to help keep you accountable, whether it's with being consistent with your workout or not being tempted by junk food. Your buddy can be a good friend, a family member, and there are tons of online communities where people can connect to other like-minded individuals.

2. Meal prep & eat lots of fruits and veggies. When I have meals ready or have packed my lunch ahead of the time, I feel a million times better about the choices I make throughout the day. It keeps your meals organized, and by planning ahead of time (I like to include snacks throughout the work day as well), you take the guesswork out of it. On the days when I have nothing prepared, I am more prone to grabbing some beet crackers and hummus and calling it a day. Mixing lots of veggies and fruits into your meals and snacks will help satisfy a sweet tooth (a little apple and peanut butter moment never hurt nobody) and the fibre will help keep you full. Of course, be mindful of your activity level for the day too. If you are doing a long run or lifting at the gym, plan your meals around this to ensure you are getting the proper carbs, protein, and fats for your post-workout recovery.

3. Treat yourself to a bite. I am a huge dessert fan. Apparently a couple Fridays ago it was national dessert day, so you better believe that I took part in that. However, dessert when you are out at a restaurant or at a birthday party is considered a special occasion, whereas at home my dessert might be some homemade applesauce with frozen blueberries (trust me, this combination is amazing!). However, if you really want to try something, have a bite! Why not? Sometimes when I am tempted to have a dessert I will cut a small bite first, then that will allow me to test it and see if it is truly worthwhile.

4. Write it down. When I first embarked on my fitness journey I used a journal to document my food choices and workouts. I even tracked how much water I was drinking to ensure I stayed hydrated. Now, I am more intuitive when it comes to my eating and drinking style. I know how much water I need to feel good, and I know what types of foods help me feel my best. That being said, however, it never hurts to jot things down to keep yourself in check. There is something about visually seeing and physically writing things down that triggers your brain and gut to re-think that extra cookie, or two cookies, or the box... You get it!

5. Have fun with it. There is no need to stay in the same ol' routine day in and day out if you are becoming bored of it. Switch up your workouts and try new recipes to keep things interesting! There are so many ways to put a healthy twist on some not-so healthy favourites. Besides, it is always fun experimenting in the kitchen!


Stay tuned for a new post tomorrow that chats about how to turn a setback into a comeback!

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