Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Long Weekend Recap + New Goals!

Hey, hey! Happy Tuesday.

The only good thing about long weekends ending = a short week ahead. Does anyone else wish days off could last forever? Here's a quick recap of what I got up to this weekend.

Saturday was a pretty relaxed day with nothing exciting to report. I completed my long run (20.2km) Saturday morning, stretched, hung out in the garden, picked blackberries and read my book. Oh, and ate some delicious fish and drank even better wine. Great ending to the day!

Sunday was a scheduled rest day, so I took the time to sleep in and try my best to not let my restless legs get the best of me. Sometimes when you know you should be resting, that's when you want to work out the most! Like Saturday, the day was pretty easy going. Ryan and I made breakfast (pancakes pictured above with a syrup made out of the blackberries I picked & blueberries from his yard), then just watched movies and puttered around before heading to my house to meet my fam for an evening of boating!

We cruised all over before anchoring in Ladysmith to watch the Ladysmith Days fireworks. I didn't snap any firework pictures (surely you all know what they look like) because I was too busy bundled up in a sleeping bag watching the show. Do you ever put your phone away and simply enjoy the moment? It's nice doing that and living without distractions, if only for a short moment!

And then this happened. After my run (5.27 miles/8.48km), I thought it would be funny to lay a pair of shorts over Marley. Poor guy does not like this heat! He also doesn't look too impressed, but it was funny nonetheless. I finished Divergent (the book I was reading) earlier that morning, so I am impatiently waiting for my sister to finish the second book in the series. Luckily the movie comes out on DVD today, so I think that is what I'll be doing! I heard it is so good. Have you seen it? After having a quick shower and getting myself ready for the day, Sarah and I headed to Nanaimo. I am in the market for a dress for my friend's wedding that is quickly approaching, but unfortunately nothing caught my eye (mind you, we only went to one store and Starbucks, soo...). Everything looked young. Lots of florals, neon colours on clearance and I just wasn't into it. I will find the perfect dress soon!

Since it is a new month, it's time to set some new goals!

A little background: I used to be able to hold a plank for the whole "Lose Yourself" song by Eminem (that's over 5 minutes, people). Needless to say I am working on my planking abilities (if there's any shred of ability left) to get back there!

- Hold a plank for 2:30 minutes. <--- The original goal was 2 minutes, but I tried that on Saturday and made it to a whole 2 minutes and 1 second before I decided to lay on the floor and play my farm game. So, uppin' the time now.
- PR in the 5KM <--- This doesn't necessarily have to be in a race, per se, because I do not have any 5KM races on the horizon right now. I am judging this by a loop that I run.
- Strength train at least twice a week
- Stretch after each run <--- I fall off this bandwagon all the time and crash so hard. So hard. I am making an effort to get in at least 5-10 minutes of stretching in after each run. So far, success!

I will update you on any more goals that pop into my head as they come!

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