Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Celebrations, Running Around & Dem Ocean Viewz

Good morning! It's been a week(ish) since I last checked in, so this post will have lots of photos from what's been happening lately!

Note: Nothing earth shattering or life changing on my end here, but it has been a fun week!

Let's start with the weekend, shall we?

Saturday morning started with a walk with my mom & Marley. We wandered around town and headed towards the beach on our way home. I snapped the picture above when we reached a look out point. The water was so peaceful and calm, and it was relatively warm out despite how gloomy the morning was! That gloom soon turned into sunshine, which turned into HEAT during my run later on that day. Lovely, yes. Painful, yes. However, you can't complain with ocean views like this! So beautiful. 

Stairs of death (that I didn't run down. I thought about it, then ran home).

Here's my splits for Saturday's run! Saturday is usually a long run, but I cut it short because A) I was getting too hot and mentally tired of the heat + humidity and B) I had more important things to do, like attend my friend's wedding!

A girlfriend of mine who I've known since kindergarten got married on Saturday! It was such a beautiful time with so many good people. Congratulations, Sheridan & Scott! Ryan and I had tons of fun, so of course Sunday was spent relaxing. We headed to the beach and went for a swim, ran some errands, then went for an hour long walk before making some dinner.

I was feelin' a big salad with shrimp! We tried a new honey mustard dressing that paired well with the shrimp and avocado. It is a winner in my books!

After work yesterday I went for a hot, humid 5KM run on the trail. What is it with this crazy humid weather? Or maybe I'm just insane for running at 4:30pm in the summer time? The trail was quiet with not many people out and about, so I had the whole place to myself to run and frolick and be free and dream about watching CityLine when I got home. Yeah, it's like my 5 o'clock thing now to drink tea and watch a late-afternoon daytime TV show.

 ...And then I sat on the floor for a while.

Until next time, friends!

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