Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hello, December

My Christmas shopping is DONE! Well, mostly done since I still need to finish my dad's present. Everyone else has a gift - now to wrap them! I have still been wandering around the mall with my parents while they finish up their shopping, which is exactly what I did today. I also bought myself two pairs of jeans! The worst thing about jeans is having them stretch out a million sizes once you wear them in. It looked like I was wearing denim sweatpants for a while there because my pants were so baggy. Shameful, I know. Problem solved!

Rewind to yesterday. I bought some fresh pasta from the local market, which is on every Saturday. I need to go there more often because I actually loaded up on some good stuff! Kale, cilantro, pasta, some homemade soap... Mmm! I made the pasta pictured above with a tomato sauce, orange peppers, celery, garlic, and cilantro. Sooo yummy!

Tis the season for festive socks and pajama pants! These pajamas are year round though, but nevertheless. They pair well with the sparkles on my socks, don'tcha think? 

And some pre-Christmas shopping fuel. Every day oats are BACK with a TON of seeds! I picked up some hemp seeds and chia seeds in bulk, and I also have pumpkin seeds and a flax/chia/hemp blend that I have been using for the past month. To switch things up from my usual PB in the oats I topped it with some mixed nuts and had green tea on the side. I have been drinking so much coffee lately, and I feel like it's making my skin even more dehydrated than it already is. And I drink a buttload of water! Like over 3L a day, but coffee has been a huge weakness as of late and I am trying to slow down on my consumption.

PS I had an almond milk latte in the mall. Espresso doesn't count, right? ;) I only had one cup though compared to three (ish), so that is much better!

After we got home I decided to go for a run. I think I had my sights set a little too high last week in that I figured running 39 miles was going to be no big deal. Anyway, I calculated that incorrectly thinking TODAY was the end of November rather than the start of December, sooo... That happened, and having everything planned almost felt a little daunting. You'd think it would make it easier, knowing how many miles to run each day, but since I'm not exactly training for a race, I am more flexible and not strict about getting the miles in. ANYWAY.

December is a new month! I have made it a goal to run every day in December. Every. Day. Yes, no rest days. The goal is at least one mile of running, and since I have at least 8 minutes of spare time during my days it is definitely doable. It'll be a good way to get myself mentally back in the game and geared up for the New Year. Has anyone else already started thinking about their New Years resolutions!? If you have, let me know what they are. I need more ideas. You know, because the 10+ items on my list isn't enough. When it is complete I will share it with you all!

On another note, I need another fitness related goal to work towards. I love half marathons, I do. However, I feel like it's not a huge challenge anymore. I know my body can go the distance, and obviously I would love to PR in the half this coming year, but I can't always be making that my goal and getting frustrated when things don't go the way I had planned. I feel like I need to do something different, revisit the half marathon PR goal, and then go on from there. Thoughts?

On another note, I am so tempted to do this with my Christmas tree. That I don't have yet. But I will get one. Maybe even a large personal one so I can do this.

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