Saturday, September 21, 2013

One Single TimBit & Yoga Kitty

Hey friends! I took yesterday off of running to give my legs a break after Thursday's Hill Hell (it actually wasn't that bad at all, but you know me, Miss Exaggeration). Instead, I switched out my treadmill for the yoga mat and completed 30 minutes of body-weight training (10 minutes of that was all about abs), and then 20 minutes of yoga. I have been adding yoga into my post-run routine, and I must say the rate at which my legs recover is a lot quicker now when they are all stretched out. Duh. Who woulda thunk, hey? Plus it gives me quality time on the mat to relax... And hang out with my cat.

Can you tell I smear on anti-wrinkle creams like crazy? I can't either ;) It was so hard trying to shoo Oreo away from me. In every downward dog she was wrapped around my feet, and she would follow my every move. I guess she really missed me!

Today after work I was determined to get a run in since I missed it yesterday. Sure, it was nice to let the legs relax a bit, but they were itchin' to run today even after a day of work. So, I did a 7 mile progressive run (getting faster and faster until the end), increasing my speed every 10-15 minutes. This included a 15 minute warm up before I increased the pace. I like doing this (pretty much every run I do is "progressive") because it breaks it up mentally for me. Once 15 minutes has passed, my brain was automatically like, OKAY GO FASTER! It's like tiny mini goals and accomplishments leading up to the finish line.

Once my run was done, B-man & I went and got some groceries. This also meant going to Tim Horton's because the man wanted a double double, STAT! Oh, and a lemon poppy seed muffin. The guy is crazy for them. I ordered a latte and one sour cream glazed Tim Bit. Am I the only person who gets a SINGLE TIM BIT? The girl looked at me like I was on glue. No, just high on endorphins and wanting something to curb my sweet tooth. So, that happened and it was delicious. Now I have my Tim Bit fix for the next 6 months.

Dinner: Veggie burger salad with roasted veggies and goat cheese, plus chocolate chai tea with almond milk & some key lime Greek yogurt about an hour or so after. Tonight we bought some goat cheese, so it is going to make a comeback in a big way in my meals. And by "in a big way" I actually mean ON EVERYTHING because it's so stinkin' delicious. I know it's not everyone's thang, but it sure tickles my fancy, and maybe if you don't like it you should reconsider so we can still be friends...

I mean :) Oh, and that candle in the picture smells like warm apple pie. Seriously. That's the name of it, and it's from Walmart and was ONE DOLLAR. One single dollar, one single TimBit.

Anyway. It's either time for me to refill my tea (for actually the third time...) or go to bed. I'm thinkin' tea time. Happy WEEKEND!

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