Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mini-Grocery Haul & Haulin' Ass

Happy Thursday, folks!

Let's start with breakfast. Oatmeal. Surprise, surprise. And coffee!? Wow am I ever branching away from the norms.

Warning: This blog is going to be all over the map this evening. Nothing exciting has happened, but I figure I will just update everything in one blurt and then BAM. Now you know.

Yesterday's workout: 4.1 miles. This run felt harder than it actually was, especially in the beginning when my legs were getting used to my pace. For the first two miles I ran in my Mizuno Wave Sayonaras, but I noticed that I was getting a tiny bit of heel pain in my left foot. So, I switched to my Brooks and nipped that in the bud. Since I haven't ran a TON in my Sayonaras, they aren't quite broken in, so I will be doing that slowly. They are a more minimal shoe compared to my Ravenna's, so that makes a big difference, too!

Then I did some shopping. Like practical shopping.

Excuse the out of focus iPhone pictures. Just when you think you got a steady shot, it goes out of focus and you've already snapped the picture. Boo.

Anyway. I picked up some more Simple cleansing wipes. These are seriously so great when you first wake up and want to wipe off any excess make up (I have been showering at night for the past couple months rather than the morning, so it's a good way to refresh my face). The wipes are also good at removing make up when you don't want to do the whole cleansing thing. Yeah, I am lazy when it comes to washing my face (I have my cleanser in the shower). Quick and easy!

There was also a sale that was way too good to pass up on Clif bars. 4 for $4! That is unheard of. These bars can run up to nearly $3 for ONE, depending where you get them from.

And some unhealthy boxed foods mixed with produce and chickpeas. And salad dressing, because who can give that up for just lemon juice or something on their food? Not this gal. B is a big cereal eater, and I enjoy it every now and then for the odd snack, so I figured why not!? And crackers are a staple for snack nights around here (okay, it happened one time, but planning ahead), and these are one of the best kinds.

Some food in the cupboard, Starbucks in my belly... Yeah, that happened. Then it was run time!

6.1 miles with 4 x half mile hill repeats thrown in. I warmed up for about 15 minutes and then started the hill workout, cooled down for 10 minutes or so. I am trying to challenge myself more with speed and hills on the treadmill. I have an incline button, so I might as well use it, right?

And now guess what time it is!? Time for 4400! Goodnight! :)

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