Monday, September 2, 2013

Monday Tid-Bits, Food Babies & A Genius Treadmill Set Up

Ah, Monday morning pictures before the first cup of coffee... Always flattering. Can you tell that B is forcing that smile or what!? Haha. Since Monday is my big day off this week (cue my crying), I had lots to do! However, I had to get fueled up first. So, breakfast was number one on the docket.

Banana oats with sunflower and pumpkin seeds plus raspberries and a splash of almond milk on top. I also cooked these with half almond milk/half water, so they were extra creamy and delicious. No peanut butter this morning (and the past few mornings actually) because I ran out. Woe is me.

Then after puttering around the house - read: after reorganizing a few cupboards, catching up on laundry, doing all the dishes & washing all of our bedding and even some couch cushion covers, I went for a run. Check out my awesome treadmill set up right now:

PERFECTION! It is seriously awesome that I can put my laptop on the treadmill. As if I'm not addicted to the internet ENOUGH, I can now watch YouTube on my laptop rather than my phone and wasting my battery. I am such a genius. Anyway, I completed 4.23 miles and also did 25 minutes of yoga afterwards. Nothing like some good quality stretching to loosen you up! I did a video called Yoga for Runners and I highly recommend it if you are looking to increase your hamstring and quad flexibility!

Brandon and I ventured off to the grocery store for necessary things such as almonds, peanut butter (finally! I can add it to my oats again), fruit & veggies, chicken breast (for him) and chocolate. Sorry, I mean the best dark chocolate ever.

Pretty sure this is just the Walmart brand of chocolate, but nevertheless, it is amazing. The chocolate has such a smooth, luxurious taste and is SO RICH. I am in love. I even cut myself off at one square...

...To make room for these. No, no. Not all of them. Instead of using regular chocolate chips I used mint chocolate chips. I figured B may want some sweetness in his lunch. I must say he is super good about his banana and apple each day and a sandwich on sprouted grain bread. The man probably NEEDS something more indulgent! Anyway, I whipped up a batch using this chewy chocolate chip cookie recipe. It is a pretty basic recipe and not healthy by any means, but sometimes you just gotta have a chocolate chip cookie. Good for the soul!

And tonight we made mini pizzas! We bought some whole wheat flat breads to use and then put our own toppings on. I didn't get a snap of B's pizza, but he had spinach, yellow peppers, shredded chicken, pineapple & jalapeno mozzarella cheese. This is my food baby below:

Spinach, yellow squash (or yellow zucchini? Same thing), tomato, yellow peppers, pineapple and shredded jalapeno cheese. Suuuper tasty, and it wasn't a thick, heavy dough. Light and crispy rather than a rock in the stomach! Yum!

That is all for Monday! It was productive, active, fun and lazy all at the same time. See ya tomorrow!

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