Thursday, September 5, 2013

Energizing Snack, Mini Cookie Bite Recipe & Simple Dinners

After work I wanted something sweet, crunchy, filling and energizing. Apples with raisins and natural peanut butter did the trick! I spent a couple hours snuggling with Oreo and humming and hawing over the idea of going for a run. "Oh, I could just do it tomorrow," I thought, but ultimately I'd rather get it done. This way I'd be able to take two solid days off before the half marathon on Sunday. Instead of split rest days, I will have two non-running days to recover (plus Monday off from work)!

Monday was 4 miles, Wednesday was 4 miles, and guess what today was? 4 miles! My weekly total (including the half) will be 25 and some change. Not too shabby. I mean, it's not my "higher mileage" or anything, but that'll come again soon, young grasshoppers.

While I sat on the couch listening to Oreo snore and constantly refresh Facebook and Twitter (hey, you do that too), I told myself, "If you go NOW, you can spend the rest of the night laying in bed." So, that was reason enough. and I got my gear on and ran.

However, instead of jumping right into bed after stretching and a quick shower, I whipped up some easy-peasy "cookie bites" from a recipe a Facebook friend shared.

Mashed bananas (I used two ripe bananas)
1 cup oats
Natural peanut butter (I used a heaping scoop, because I'm nuts over nut butter)
Chocolate chips (or raisins. I had mint chocolate chips leftover so I chose to use 'em)

Mix all together and drop by the tablespoon onto a greased cookie sheet for 15 minutes (350 degrees in the oven). They are soft, sweet, and the perfect thing to crush a sweet craving.

On the same note of food, I also made a super simple dinner. I wanted eggs, so naturally breakfast for dinner happened.

Veggie scrambled eggs with sprouted grain toast. Ah, so delicious. I topped it with salsa too rather than a dressing or sauce. It added some nice flavour since I didn't use any seasonings while it was all cooking.

And now I am finally in bed relaxing with a cup of tea, all because I got my butt off the couch and went for that run (plus I am le tired).

Hope you are all having a wonderful week so far!

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