Saturday, August 31, 2013

Boost of Confidence & A Wonka Cameo

Tonight's run: 4 mile progression run fueled by Starbucks and followed by kitty snuggles, a delicious dinner & a movie at home with B. Simple Saturday nights are the norm around here!

I ventured into Nanaimo with my dad, sister & her friend Rachel tonight for some back to school shopping (for them). Does anyone else miss back to school shopping? Maybe I just miss the routine of going to school Monday to Friday and the excitement that a new school year brings. Anyway, I promised myself I wouldn't buy (too many) unnecessary things. Instead I bought mini sized body lotions, because that's totally essential, right? Bath & Body Works, you lure me in EVERY TIME! Suckers. They totally see me coming. "This girl likes a sale. Let's make these $2 each so she can't resist all the delicious scents." Yes, thank you. At least I only spent six dollars - hollaaaa for being cheap.

I don't know. It must be the adult in me that thinks of all the other things I could buy instead of that $50 shirt (who am I kidding - I'd never spend that on ONE shirt, unless it was for running. Priorities), such as groceries or putting it towards my credit card balance. Boo, bills.

Rewind to yesterday:

As much as I wanted to flop down on the couch and watch three hours of TV once I got home from work, I told myself to hop on the treadmill and get a run in. I said to myself, "Yeah, five or six miles sounds good!" However, when you have space to fit your laptop on the top of your treadmill, one can easily get lost in the world of YouTube and five miles became six and six miles became seven.

And no back pain.

Not one bit.

I have also been a responsible runner and foam rolling and stretching well after each run. I know, right!? Hurts so good. I've also continued to do regular core work which I can definitely feel when I run. I feel more stable, my hips feel stronger from lower body work as well, and my back feels good. I've been using the A535 cream on my back if I get a twinge, which I mean it works well enough, but fortunately the pain isn't substantial anymore. I can actually run for over 10 minutes without feeling like I'm going to topple over and fly off the treadmill. Weird how things change, hey? It makes me wonder what I've been doing differently, or maybe it was a matter of changing my perspective on the issue and toughin' it out. Tough cookie.

Overall the past three days of running has been awesome and a huge confidence booster. I missed all those endorphins! If only I had a running buddy. ANY TAKERS!?

Anywho, off to bed! Hope you guys are having a fantastic weekend so far!

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