Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Beauty Tuesdays is BACK! Hair & Nail Products + New Duds

I received this shirt from my family a couple days ago after my sister picked it out online from the Blogilates shop. The creator and designer of Blogilates, Cassey Ho, also does YouTube videos focused around strengthening the body through pilates and mostly body-weight exercises. They are fun, fast, and effective. Oh, and they BURN!

The tank top is super soft, light weight, and I have been living in it all weekend. You pretty much have to force me to change into something else. The tank is a racer-back style with some lace detailing along the sides.

Note: It is fairly sheer, so I recommend wearing a bralette, sports bra, bandeau, etc underneath. I wore a basic pink yoga bra I had to cover up any bits since the arm holes also drop quite low.

I think my sister picked out the perfect slogan for me, too!

Beauty products-wise I have been using mostly the same things as usual. I did however repurchase my night cream and got some little body lotions from Bath & Body Works. Ummm, I couldn't help myself, especially when they were $2!

Oh, but wait! I did buy a hair product. Whoa, branching out.

This hair conditioning cream works wonders for my dry ends. Although I don't often heat style my hair (maybe some curls a few times each month - no blow drying or anything), I find that even when I condition my ends really well in the shower, they still end up dry. I rub a quarter or so sized amount in my hair when it's damp, but I find this cream also works well if you want to make your dry hair sleek and frizz free. After curling my hair the other day, I rubbed a smaller amount into my hair to smooth out flyaways and also condition my ends. The result is always smooth, silky hair, and I'm in love!

Side note: The blue Essie polish above is called Boxer Shorts. It is actually my sister's (yeah, have you been looking for this?) and is the perfect cool toned blue. I love Essie polishes, because they are super creamy and this colour is especially opaque. Essie is rarely ever streaky, too, which is a bonus! Nothing I dislike more than applying coat after coat only to never achieve my desired coverage.

Anyway, just a quick post to share with you some Beauty Tuesday-ness. I am hoping to bring these back again more consistently! I hope I didn't just jinx myself by saying that, haha :)

Time for dinner! Brandon and I grabbed a take & bake pizza from Papa Murphy's. He had some a couple weeks ago and has raved about it ever since. It's my first trying pizza from PM's, so we shall see! Classic pepperoni for him, gourmet veggie for me. Typical. I think my runger (running induced hunger) has finally kicked in. 7.25 miles after work followed by a small-ish snack and a bit of candy (B got me a candy bag... I can't say no to that!!!), and I am ready for dinner and some more 4400!

Any TV series you are hooked on right now!?

Favourite kind of pizza?

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