Saturday, September 7, 2013

Extreme Carb Loading & Half Marathon Check-List


After work Sarah and I headed off to Victoria to pick up my race stuff for tomorrow. While we were there we browsed around in some stores, and when hunger hit, we found ourselves at The Spaghetti Factory. The best thing about this place is you get a full meal for fairly cheap! It's like EXTREME CARB LOADING. Carb loading on steroids. I'm talkin' bread with garlic and regular butter (two loaves for our table... Um, I'm carb loading?), salad or soup, a meal, and then ice cream after. I went for the seafood linguine which had mushrooms, spinach, prawns and scallops in a marinara sauce (tomato girl all the way), and then skipped ice cream because I seriously felt like my yoga pants wouldn't stretch anymore.

You know you ate a lot when...

Anyway, after dinner it was time to goooo on home. You know when you are super full and getting tired and things just start getting weird? While I was taking a picture of "my baby" some random chick on the street thought it would be funny to photo bomb the Black Stallion.

(Yes, that is my sister)

I am so fortunate to be related to such a beauty.

Once I got home it was time for some kitty snuggles and bed. Oreo may or may not have been trying to escape from my death clutch in this moment, but that's besides the point.

Half marathon check list:

Race bib pinned onto shirt: Check!
Fuel gels picked out: Check!
Garmin charging: Check!
Running playlist made: Half way there - iTunes is being a butthole right now, but it's on the way
Hair tie set out: Check!
Vaseline: Check!
Rest of race day outfit picked out: Check!
Ingredients for pre-race breakfast: Check!
Legs shaved: CHECK! You guys probably think I'm kidding (not about the fact that I showered... I am a clean person, thank you) but there's nothing worse than being a salty sweater and then feeling stubble on your legs as you crawl your sweaty ass into your Jeep gasping for water and a donut. I mean, not a donut, but some form of refueling. Wow that was a rant and a half. On another note, I hope that cutting your knee while shaving means good luck! Hurts like a mutha though.

The packet pick up for this race was small. Small as in, you go to the MEC store in Victoria and a friendly employee sits at a table with all the bibs and goodies, and you're on your way. There's no extravagant expo or anything, which is totally fine. It leaves more room for going to David's Tea and picking up their Pumpkin Chai and Buttered Rum tea. I mean, what? I'm carb loading.

I wonder when that excuse will get old (now? What about now? Shush, I'm carb loading).

Okay, moving on.

Tonight's dinner was some whole wheat bow-tie pasta with spinach and marinara sauce. Then I had some vanilla yogurt with chocolate mint chips and sunflower seeds. I'm not totally sure if that "dessert" was a good idea or not, but we shall see. Tomorrow will tell the tale!

My thoughts on tomorrow: Get through it. I know I'm not in top half marathoning shape right now considering my training record last month was quite bleak, but whatever happens will happen. Mentally I'm feeling good and pumped up. The nerves are kinda setting in and will definitely be there tomorrow (anyone else get super nervous before a race?), but that's all normal. 

Run, walk, crawl if you must, just don't give up!

Hope you all are having a great weekend!


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