Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer Food, Summer Runs & S'more! Plus Cats

Sunday started with an early morning run before the heat hit. Gorgeous outside, but the downside is that my Garmin didn't kick in until 1/4 mile in, then decided to reset itself. Love when that happens! Maybe it's a sign that I should delete some info off it - I haven't in a good year! So, I ran a familiar 2.5mile loop before heading home and getting ready for the work day.

After I got home, Brandon and I headed to my fam jam's house for dinner! My plate was loaded, as always.

Kale Caesar salad, prawns, mini potatoes & asparagus on the BBQ, green salad with strawberries and blueberries, beans, and deviled eggs. I always forget how awesome (and easy to make) deviled eggs are! I will have to experiment one of these days and create some new healthy snack ideas. By the way, the kale Caesar salad was the bomb diggity. My mom added red onion in there too which gave it a nice kick of flava!

Then once we were done eating, we hung around outside and played with Marley! He was pretty mellow up until everyone finished their food. Then he realized it was time to play and put on a big energetic show.

First trick, dropping to the ground for belly rubs. Aw yeah.

Second trick, putting the "flying ring" around his head and running around the yard like a lunatic.

Then came my favourite part. 

I caved and made myself a s'more. Then I had s'more, and then s'more, and then s'more. Then I got a tummy ache from all the sugar and processed junk and I profusely apologize to my body for putting it through that. Tis the season for temptations, fa la la la la, la la la la. And I like me some treats (followed by a butt-tonne of veggies and foods that make my body happy).

So, my cat Oreo has been living at my parents' house ever since we moved there when I was younger. I say younger, because I don't remember how old I was. Anyway. She didn't come to Vancouver with Brandon and I when we moved out there, and she didn't come to our new place a couple months ago.

However, last night we KIDNAPPED HER! Yes, kidnapped her before my dad's very eyes. And my mom knew about it. So, it turns out we aren't good thieves, but we are good cat lovers!

Brandon and Oreo fell asleep on the couch this afternoon, so I made myself some iced coffee and started blogging and catching up on my favourite blogs. On another note, earlier in the day we went and got some cat supplies like a litter box and more food. So far she is liking her new home! Helps to have familiar faces around (except when I talk to her in weird voices and make even weirder faces and she runs away). I snapped a few pictures of some pretty flowers our landlord and his wife are growing. For me. Of course.


And since it was so nice outside today (still is!), rather than staying cooped up inside, Brandon and I shined up our wheels and I went out for a ride in the hot, hot HEAT!

Yup, took my good ol' one speed bike out for a ride. A 10.4 mile (or 16.73km) ride, to be specific. Yes, my quads do hurt. Yes, I will be sore. Yes, I have a slight sunburn developing as I don't own sunscreen (oooh shiiieetttt better get on that). Yes, it was a kajillion degrees outside.

BUT. It was so much fun! I completed it in about an hour and eight-ish minutes. That is almost 10km per hour - whoa speed demon. I'm even too slow for the school zones ;) Regardless, it was a great workout for my legs considering the area I live in has lots of hills and slopes. They sneak up on you, too. Either that or they are one hundred times harder since my bike has one speed. I repeat, one speed. Bring it on, muscle soreness. No pain, no gain!

I am off to make some dinner! Happy Canada Day everyone! Stay safe out there & do something crazy for me since I will be in bed by 9:30PM tonight. ~PARTY ANIMAL 4 LYFE~ (<-- that is a joke if you didn't understand). Byeeee.


  1. One thing I hate about not living with my parents is that they have my cats! Your cat is adorable :)

    1. oh boo! :( kidnap them? or maybe not :P thank you!!