Saturday, July 6, 2013

River Days, Tie Dye & July Goals

I am loving this summer weather! Since Thursday was a day off, my sister and I headed to Bright Angel Park to sit on the riverside and soak up some sun. We both had never been there before (not that we remembered anyway), so we figured, why not check it out!? I will definitely be returning as the summer goes on! Plus you get to walk over a cool swinging bride, so that's always fun.

On Tuesday Sarah & I made some fashionable shirts which we both have been sporting all week. I don't wear it at work though... Don't think that works with the dress code. It sure is fun though!


After the river, we headed back home to hang out and keep Marley some company. This directly translates to: Holly put on her gym clothes and went on the elliptical for 45 minutes, then hung out with my home dawg. Despite the fact that I was already sweating from the heat, I needed some activity in my life and figured I could benefit from some strength training. Never hurts to keep those muscles guessing!

Yesterday after work I headed to the gym and got in a work out. I have been sleeping through my alarm (what a surprise) so I have been missing my two mile loop run in the morning. Oh well. I know I should have more motivation to get up and run at the crack of dawn (haaa... haaaa), but I promise I made up for it after! I completed 6.3 miles and then did some upperbody work in the form of rows, bicep curls, etc etc and threw in some squats, too! Whew. After a quick trip to the farmer's market - YAY FRESH FRUITS & VEGGIES! - I relaxed at home before heading back to town for dinner with my mom and sister. We went to a local restaurant where I had prawns, Caesar salad and garlic toast for dinner. Sooo tasty! I love me some prawns. I was even a kind sister and shared my garlic toast with Sarah, because I am kind and selfless and she wanted some. By the end of the night we were all stuffed. Dad joined us later on in the night and ended up having this massive pulled pork sandwich, and we stopped at the candy store to satisfy our sweet tooth. Get this. I saved more than half of my box of candy for B. Talk about love! Now that I have been strength training more regularly, I don't feel that I crave something sweet as much. Yes, a little still, but I don't want to rush to the store solely for candy. Baby steps, here!

Let's talk July goals!
- 100 running miles for the month
- As many miles as I can through other means of exercise, whether it be an evening walk, biking, elliptical, etc. It would be neat to see what the combined monthly total would be!
- Limit sugar and "bored" snacking.
- Continue strength training at least 3x per week
- Crossssssssssss train (see bullet point 2)

Have a good weekend!

What are your goals for July?

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