Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Beauty Tuesday: Forever 21 Love + Sandwiches. Oh Yeah!

In lieu of showcasing products I have been loving lately for today's Beauty Tuesday post, I wanted to show you the rest of the goodies I purchased during yesterday's shopping extravaganza.

All items are from Forever21!

1 & 2. Paisley printed denim shorts: Earlier on the drive up to Victoria I was talking about how I needed some new shorts in my life, and then I spotted these bad boys. Then the picture below popped up, too, so naturally I had to try on both. And I liked them both. So as you can see I bought them both.
3. I'm not sure the style name of this dress, but it is a great little black dress to add to my closet!
4. This blouse was tucked away on a sale rack. I have been into tank style blouses lately, and the little pearl details give it some more interest. Light, flowy, breezy and cute. And cheap. Score!

After I ate breakfast this morning, my mom picked me up and we ran (ha) some errands. This included finding her a dress for an upcoming wedding we are attending, as well as browsing through some stores and having lunch at a local cafe in town. I had a vegetarian pizza with coconut curry lentil soup on the side (delicious), and since I hadn't had any coffee this morning - crazy, right!? - I had an iced almond milk latte. Perfect, and filling! 

It also made good fuel for a 10 mile run in the early evening! I felt strong throughout the whole run, and although I didn't stretch a TON after (focused on my quads as they're the first muscle to stiffen up for me), so here's hoping they don't feel like falling off during work tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

When I came home, I showered, did some laundry and refueled with an old school tuna sandwich. I pumped this one up though, so here's a little recipe if you will:

2 slices bread (I used Silverhill's sprouted bread, The Big 16 with 6g protein in each slice!)
1/2 avocado
Handful(ish) of spinach
Finely chopped celery
3 small pickles, sliced length-wise and diced
1 can tuna
Mustard & mayo to taste

So, add all the chopped ingredients + tuna in a bowl. I added more mustard than mayo to the mix, because I prefer a more tangy taste. Slice the avocado and put on one slice of bread. I mashed mine onto the bread so it would stick more, then added my tuna mixture and topped it with spinach and then the last slice of bread. Smush it together so you don't end up with tuna and pickles in your lap, then cut in half. Voila! Super tasty, protein packed and filling.

Anywho, I am going to retire for the night!

Are you a sandwich person? Favourite kind?

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