Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mizuno Wave Sayonara + Being a Big Kid & UPDATES!

Hey friends!

Skipping this week's beauty Tuesday to catch up on the last week. It's amazing how long I can put of writing before I have too much to say and the post starts getting WAY too long. Sorry!

So, where do I begin? Let's start off with a running recap of things last week. And we are also starting with running because everything else during the week was the same as it always is - the usual movie nights at home, hanging with my B-man & the fam jam, work, work, work. Whatta life.

As you can see from my Daily Mile chart above, I took two rest days last week. I did zero exercise both of these days, FYI. Not even an ounce of yoga or a pedal on the elliptical. My legs felt fresh all week, and I managed to get some super good runs in. I have been trying to get in one long run each week, so I went for a 10 miler on Tuesday since I had the day off. Long runs are probably my favourite, because I can turn on my music and zone out. Alternatively, I can also listen to YouTube videos. Don't worry, I just checked my data on my cell phone plan, and I'm still within the range. I was actually concerned about that since overages are so high, and with the amount of videos I watch every day on my phone (or maybe not every day, but you get the idea), I could've been close!

My Brooks Ravenna 4's shoes have a new shoe buddy. I wore these during every run last week, but since the Mizuno Wave Elixir 7 & 8's are being phased out, naturally I had to buy the next ones in the Mizuno line up. So, when Sarah and I went to Nanaimo yesterday, we had to stop at the Running Room. It was necessary.

From the Mizuno website:


    • Light, low to the ground, versatile–the Wave Sayonara makes everyday a Go Fast day.
    • U4ic midsole provides resiliency and a smooth ride at a fraction of the weight of traditional midsoles.
    • G3 SOLE has lightweight, superior traction, creating a pure connection to the ground.
    • Upper design provides exceptional forefoot hold and assurance at toe-off.
I have loved Mizuno ever since I purchased my first pair of Wave Elixir 7's. And my second pair of them. And a pair of the 8's when they came out. I am more than happy to be running in a super light pair of shoes again. While I do love my Brooks (a girl needs a stability shoe every now and then), I do enjoy the fact that the Sayonara is a more narrow shoe (less slipping around compared to the Ravenna's) and therefor fits closer to my foot. AND THEY ARE PINK. Does it get any better!?

Also at the running room I purchased some more strawberry lemonade Nuun and Clif gels. And a Clif bar because I was super hungry after my run & apparently didn't bring enough snacks in my bag. I always thought I was prepared. Nope.

Note: I will do a separate post with the other non-running things I purchased (not many, but this post would be even longer than it is now if I added them).

Run, round two yesterday. I had already gone for a seven mile run in the afternoon, then after I bought the new shoes, Sarah & I headed to the gym. She is wearing the Mizuno Wave Elixir 7's. My total mileage for yesterday (both runs) was 13.3! I considered that my long run rather than doing it today.

Now we are at today:

I FINALLY went for my class 5 license! For my American readers, this means I have my full license without as many restrictions as the "New driver" program. The instructor that took me through the route was super nice - Thanks, Nancy! - and we chatted about Pinterest, cooking, and camping the whole time. It was nice to feel relaxed and not under pressure!

I had to celebrate by stopping at Starbucks. Iced skinny caramel macchiato, please! I also picked B up a frappuccino and didn't even eat all the whipped cream from the top. Now that is love, my friends. We hung out for a bit at home before he had to jet off to work (it is 10:30 AM at this time - got the first drivers appointment!), and I took that as my cue to head to the gym.

Initially I thought about doing 4 miles. Not bad, nice and easy, right? That 4 mile run turned into 7 miles, and I took the time to stretch after. Recently I have been thinking about going towards higher mileage. Nothing crazy like 100 miles, but more like 30-40. I am on the right track this week with 20 miles under my belt within two days! Alright, legs, let's stay on this path and get 'er done :)

 Yup, I am obsessed with these runners. Mizuno 4 LYFE.

After my run, I went to my parents' house and had lunch. Yup, good idea, Holly. Go to their house when nobody isn't home and eat all of their food. WELL OKAY! I also took my goofball dog for a walk around the lake. Beauty day to be outside!

He looooooooooves kissing.

Such a happy boy!

Now I am getting my domestic goddess on and baking chocolate chip cookies (two batches) and some banana bread. I have been planning on the banana bread for a while now, so I figured my last day off was the perfect time to do it. Plus I can watch a bajillion episodes of Community while I slave in the kitchen making delicious treats.

I wish this day could never end! Or at least I wish every day were like today. Wouldn't that be awesome? Future career: Housewife. B, did ya hear that!?

I kid, I kid. Kinda.

Happy Tuesday, friends! If you made it to the end of this post, congratulations. I'll send you a chocolate chip cookie!

Oh, and here is my diva cat:

Meow. Byeeee!

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