Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Tuesday Fun + Happy National RUNNING DAY!

I kicked off Tuesday with a 5K hill repeat run. I have made the decision to add hills to my routine. Although I usually dread them, at the end of this workout I felt good and strong. I am hoping that by doing these more often, I will get stronger and therefor not freak out on the course when a giant ass hill looms before me. HOORAY for having some kind of strategy!

Moving on to the afternoon.

Over the weekend Sarah and I ventured to our local drugstore to check out their make up selection. Since they had recently renovated the store, they were celebrating their "grand opening" of a much LARGER store with things like candy samples (gasp: I said no!) and draws for baskets filled with all sorts of goodies. So, Sarah and I both entered each basket, and we BOTH won one! I won a basket (above) with products from their in-house line called Be Better. I tried some of the hand/body lotion last night, and it smells sooo gooooood!

Then, I wandered over to the health food store and picked up some staples (and a new addition to the pantry).

I was completely out of hemp seeds and chia seeds, and I decided to try the milled chia seeds. If you are familiar with chia seeds, you know that they are extremely tiny and get a jelly film around them once they are in smoothies, oatmeal, etc. WELL! If you aren't a fan of that, try them milled. They are a ground flax seed consistency, and they blend well without the jelly layer.

Additionally, I have been reading about apple cider vinegar online for a while now. There are various health benefits it holds, providing it is the raw and unfiltered type rather than the processed varieties on the market. Anyway, I put about a teaspoon of it in the bottom of the glass, then filled it the rest of the way with water.

Um, it tastes pretty nasty.

BUT. But. Buuuut. I am hoping that if I mix it with warm water and honey or something it will taste better. I also read about putting it in green tea with honey to mask the flavor. We shall see!

So after my health food store adventure, I hung out at my parents' house for a while before going to watch Sarah's concert band performance. 

Woooh, girl. She is the second one there looking like she's daydreaming about her next 5K run. Right, Sarah? RIIIIGHT?

In the evening, I hung out with my favourite goof ball. We went for an evening walk along the Sea Walk, then came home and drank tea. Yes, we are an elderly couple disguised as twenty-somethings. Then of course it was bed time because it was pushin' 11 o'clock, at least.



I started the morning with some YouTube videos (note, you'll notice I was watching a video about how to make more money. It was not helpful), coffee and the usual bowl of oats. Then, I got a text from a friend to meet up for coffee at Starbucks, so obviously that was a HELL YES I would love to! and I met her around 11. We hung out for a couple hours just chit chattin' and catching up, and then I headed to the gym for a little work out. I did some upper body and lower body exercises (squats, shoulder presses, oblique crunches & the like) and ran four miles on the treadmill. Then the hunger bug hit me and I went home. Hey, at least I even went to the gym and didn't skip out to stuff my face!

And since it is National Running Day (not sure if this applies to every single nation, otherwise it would be called 'international' you'd think, but anyway), I celebrated by an evening run since I was getting restless just sitting on my butt in my pajamas. I can only occupy myself with things for so long - household chores do not count. So I headed outside in the beautiful sunshine and completed a two mile loop which included running along the Sea Walk. Mmm, sea air! I also have a pretty nice sunburn from sitting outside this afternoon wearing a 3/4 length sleeve shirt and a bracelet. Yeah, it's like a red square. Cool!

This run included some stairs too, so I think my hill training is off to a good start. For the most part I kept my pace nice and easy, aside from some pick ups during the four mile treadmill jaunt, because the last thing I want to do is go balls to the wall and end up injured. Then this blog would become a whiny diary of an injured girl who would become a negative Nancy and we don't want that to happen :) Only positive Pollies (or Happy Hollies!?) around here!

Hope you had a woooooooonderful Wednesday!

Did you celebrate National RUNNING DAY!? 

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  1. Yay for your hill training! I randomly found your blog and absolutely sympathize with your take on hills! I dread them, but once I made it, it's awesome! Keep it up, girl! :o)