Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Little Rascals & Lookin' Cheesy


Okay, so I am back after a long hiatus of not making any posts. The last one was March 27th! To be honest, nothing that exciting has happened between then and now, besides some random day to day things like going to work, the gym, some Easter shenanigans (which I will get to below) and now house sitting for my aunt and uncle for a week. Hooray!

So, about Easter. I bought a bike!

I titled these pictures "Lookin' like a cheese with my new wheels!" on Facebook. I'd say it's fairly accurate, especially this gem:

I am so pumped! I have been looking for a cruiser-style bike for about a year now, and I have finally gotten around to buying one. I can't wait to ride this around in the sunshine (and not wearing a dress. I did not plan to buy a bike that day, so I was holding my dress down while riding around the store in fear that I would flash someone).

So, that was Easter. Then it was a work week and now here we are on my day off, Saturday! Yesterday, Sarah & I went to the gym for a work out. I was debating whether I wanted to go or not, but I figured since I skipped Thursday, I better kick my ass and just DO IT. Plus, Sarah wasn't taking no for an answer (which is good in this case), so off to the gym we went.

I ran 5 miles, then did some upper body strength training:

"Power squats" (this is my new name for them) 3 x 10
(holding 12 pound weights, squat down, then stand and do a shoulder press before repeating)
3 x 10 chest presses (10 pound weights)
25 weighted oblique bends
3 x 12 bicep curls (12 pound weights)

Then I headed to Brandon's house! He has recently moved into a new place, so we have been making delicious dinners with the cooking utensils we have (there are a few missing, ha). One night it was veggie spaghetti, the other night balsamic rice with veggies and garlic/herb sole filets, then last night we made our own dinners using some of the same ingredients, mainly veggies. I had a salad with veggie meatballs, then some Easter chocolate after. I can't help myself! Gotta kick this sugar habit.

While we ate dinner, we watched The Little Rascals!

One is never too old for The Little Rascals! They are so dang cute. I admit, I fell asleep after the movie while watching TV, and finally went to bed probably around midnight.

Who am I!?

Yes, an old lady. Thank you for reminding me. Fortunately I was able to sleep in a little (woke up at exactly 7:43AM) and have plenty of time to enjoy my morning coffee and oatmeal. I read the latest issue of LouLou magazine, then had a hair appointment at 11:45 to cut my hair for the first time in FOREVER. It feels so much better and healthy! I love getting new hair cuts :) I will post a picture when I take one!

Fast forward to after the hair cut, a 6 mile run and after lunch, here we are. It's almost dinner! I'm thinking fish is on the menu tonight.

Have a good night everyone!

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