Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Adventures in Photo Land & the Best PB EVER!

Every day oats with natural peanut butter and chai tea on the side. Chai tea has become an almost every day morning ritual around here! Makes for a lot of liquids (and bathroom trips) in the morning. Ha ha.

Monday afternoon, Sarah & I ventured to Victoria for a sunny day of shopping. I also put on my party pants for the occasion. They are actually Sarah's.

This dress was so cute! The biggest problem was that it didn't fully cover my biggest asset - can you take a wild guess as to what that was? I was tempted to buy it and "oh, I'll just wear tights with it!" but let's be honest. There was no way that would have been appropriate unless I stood all day. And I'm lazy. 

Fun in the Forever 21 change room. I accurately named this photo on Instagram, "Honky tonk badonky donk." Autocorrect thought otherwise at first and it came out, "Honky tonk badonky don't." Whoa, okay, Instagram. I won't!

I thought I lost Sarah in the H&M store. I also think I am quite clever. Sarah does not.

We went to a fantastic vegetarian restaurant downtown Victoria in Bastion Square called Rebar. I had the rice and quinoa salad, which was absolutely dynamite (channeling my inner Guy from Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives), and Sarah had a sweet potato quesidilla and that, too, was amazing. I highly suggest checking out this place if you are in the area! Everything is so fresh, and it is a cute spot.

If you haven't tried these peanut butter flavors, I apologize for your loss and suggest you run out and purchase them right now. Are you getting out of your seat? Wallet and car keys ready? Come on! The dark chocolate dreams is drool worthy and tastes so good in oatmeal! The perfect balance of chocolate and peanut butter, and delicious with banana, too!

So after work today I hit the gym for a run and a mini-lift session. I completed 8.02 miles (so specific) and did a short 20 minute strength session that consisted of the following:

- 3 x 12 chest presses, 12lb weights
- 3 x 12 bicep curls, 12lb weights
- 4 x 25 weighted oblique bends, 12lb weights
(I do these a lot - good for defining your waist, ladaaays)
- 10/12/12 bentover rows, 15lb weights
- 2 x 25 wide-legged squats holding 15lb weight

Then came home to refuel with some dinner. I had a spinach salad with carrot, cucumber, tomato, and two over-easy eggs. Original, right? Almost as adventurous as my breakfast choices. Then, I had a sweet tooth so I had a pear sliced up and peanut butter for dipping. Deeeelicious.

Sadly the gym is closed for the next two days as they are renovating or doing something to it, so I will have to rely on home workouts and my 10lbs weights. Sniffle, sniffle. Life is rough.

Anyway, I am off for the evening! Bed time for this old bird. Hope you all had a great day!

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