Monday, February 11, 2013

Nike Running Video, Let's Veg & A Core Work Out

Happy Family day, friends! Hope Monday treated you well and you were able to have the day off and do something fun :)

I started my day off with half a bowl of every day oats, then ate the other half after a nine mile run. I originally planned on doing eight miles, but I ran an extra cool-down mile on the treadmill while watching That's So Raven. Yes, that's SO true, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. Family Channel, holla.

It was a brisk morning, but I warmed up quickly after a couple miles. The best thing about living in a small town is that you have tons of side streets to run down without worry, and I made sure to get the extra steps in by exploring some streets around me. Yes, this included some hills as well. Although it was a fun run and my pace was SUPER and rather speedy (an average of 8:13/per mile), it felt hard. I stopped a few times to stretch out a cramp in my leg, and I felt warmer than usual. Despite that though I made sure to zone in and really push during the last three miles of my run. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?

"The faster I run, the sooner I'm done."

I was excited to come home to the last half of my oatmeal, and my brand new, shiny juicer machine. On Saturday night I was reading about juicing, then I stood up and said, "Okay, dad. I'm going to Duncan to buy a juicer!" And that was that! Brandon and I headed off to Walmart, and I found one for $78 that works like a charm! I'll check the name of it again in case you guys are interested, then post a review after I've used it more than twice!

The best thing is it comes with a recipe booklet. I found this extremely helpful AFTER I made my own concoction (that I will never make again, because it was far too bitter. Darn you, grapefruit). However, after my run today I ate my oats and fired up the juicer! Into the machine went a handful of spinach, one carrot (chopped into three chunks), one small orange, and half an apple (the other half was devoured soon after, of course). It was SO good! I definitely suggest adding sweeter veggies in with your fruit if you are mixing the two together. I failed to do this the other day and choked it down anyway. Hey, nutrients are nutrients, I guess.

25 minutes of stretching and foam rolling later, Sarah, my dad, and I ventured into Duncan to kill some of the day away. Does anyone else have the problem of having TOO much time in the day and not being able to think of something to do? We found ourselves at Superstore, where I purchased some raspberry soy yogurt (yeah, can't say I love it, but honey definitely makes it better), mixed berries (those are gone, muahaha), and cocoa butter lotion. Some chia seeds were also purchased at a health food store since I ran out this morning. Hooray! I feel somewhat productive, but I must admit that I'm sad that I can't sleep in again tomorrow. Goodbye, weekend. You were kind.

Berry delicious. Om nom nom.

Before the "adventure"

Superstore bathroom selfies? Why not?

When I came home, I decided to do some core work with my Nike Training Club app. If you have access to this app on your phone, download it now! There are tons of workouts from cardio and strength training to core work and stretching. This particular work out was repeated three times. Burn, baby, burn.

Now it's time to relax with some tea and read my new Runner's World magazine! My mom came home from work with this and you bet I flew down the stairs immediately. It's the small things.

Have a good night!

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