Friday, February 15, 2013

A Jumble of Everything & Underwear for Runners

Ah, so my bed won the battle this morning AGAIN. Have you ever added a second blanket and a fifth pillow to your bed, and then when the morning comes you never want to get up and get the day started? That's the kind of battle I had this morning. I gladly got the extra sleep, but when I came home from work I gladly laced up my shoes and pounded out an easy 4 miles on the treadmill. I am still aiming for 110 miles this month, so this means I have to be consistent. Eh, it's probably not a bad thing. Maybe that will force me to foam roll and ice regularly (yep, I have taken a hard, violent fall off that bandwagon recently).

In other news, I am still keeping up with my 50 squats a day and a 1 minute plank every day. Hooray for stickin' to something! And since I knew yesterday was going to be fairly indulgent (who can resist Valentine's Day chocolates? Not this gal), I made sure to fit in a 6 mile run before the work day began. That started that day off on the right foot!

How was your loooooove day? Full of love? Brandon's was full of BEER, courtesy of moi:

Ah...ha ha ha.. ha. I am so clever. I received a GINORMOUS teddy bear, and I was sitting beside it last night and Brandon said, "Wow, that thing is actually bigger than you!" I should've got him to take a picture, so you guys could see. It is so big and fluffy and cozy and soft and aaah. Then after exchanging gifts we went out for a romantic dinner of fish n' chips. We like to keep it classy.

In other news, I found some underwear that I desperately need in my life. I am not even kidding.

Amazing, right? Maybe they will force me to do legit track work outs, since I never do them. They are from Oiselle and are quite literally the coolest runderwear for all us running folk out there. Or rather, for all of us who feel the need to display what kind of run we did on our booty. I am so tempted to grab my credit card from my wallet and place an order for them!

Oh, but I am so comfy bundled up in my blanket on the couch. Such a hard life I lead.

Alright, so the plan this weekend is work tomorrow, play on Sunday, and run lots of miles between now and then. I have 65 more miles to run in the next two weeks to hit 110 for the month. It seems like a lofty goal, though I'll have to reevaluate after Sunday and see how my body feels. As much as I'd like to hit that total again, I can do with less (but still above 100, because why not?) if it means not pulling something or having to take too much time off!

Anyway, my candy hearts are gone & that means it's bed time. Have a happy Friday, everyone!

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