Thursday, February 21, 2013

Double Digits, Day at the Spa & Goodbye, 20

Good evening, party people! I hope you all had a fabulous Thursday. I know I did!

I kicked off my day with a bowl of chocolate protein oats with banana and peanut butter. Nothin' out of the ordinary. Then, I ran. Again, nothing out of the ordinary. However, I ran double digits today, which hasn't been happening too often as of late. I took two days off this week (Tuesday & Wednesday, Tuesday being a bit of strength training in the evening), so I had a bit to catch up on if I still want to meet my 110 mile goal again for the month. So, I ran 12 miles.

12 glorious miles! I followed my run with lots of stretching, especially my hip flexors, and about 15 minutes of foam rolling my quads and hamstrings. The best part of my day was yet to come though (and no, it wasn't lunch, although that was good too!)

Since tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY, WOOHOOO! I celebrated by going to the spa. What better way to celebrate when you have the day before your birthday off? I had a 45 minute massage and pedicure, which made my runnin' legs and feet so very happy! Thank you, Emily! If you live in the Cowichan Valley area, I highly suggest going to the Flowering Tree Spa in Chemainus for some pampering. They are the bomb dot com! My mom also dropped off some gummy bears and dark chocolate for me to enjoy while I was getting my pedicure - ahhh, the best. Thank you, mama!

While I was at the spa, I picked up some nail polishes:

Mimi: This one is on my toes right now! Super pretty. I love me some shimmer.


Julie: This one is on my fingernails :)

I guess you could say it was like a birthday present to myself, although let's be honest. I will probably find another birthday present for myself the next time I go shopping. On the bright side, I have a SportChek gift card to use courtesy of my grandma & uncle! New running gear, helloooooo!

So, after I got back from the spa, I relaxed some more. You know, drinking tea, listening to music, scratching the three Bingo tickets my grandma bought me. Life is rough. I also got some reading material in the mail in the form of iRun magazine and Canadian Running magazine. I can't wait to start flipping through them!

On the topic of birthday presents for myself, I think I want to buy this the next time I'm at Lululemon. Plus, she is wearing Mizuno runners, and I wear them too, so it is probably in my destiny that I try out a running skirt. I was actually THISCLOSE to purchasing one in the summer, but it was white, and I wasn't really feelin' the colour. Perhaps this weekend a Victoria trip is in order!

I took a picture of my veggie burger and yam fries that I had for dinner, but for some reason the file size is too big and won't upload on here. I am also too lazy to edit the size, so you will just have to visualize a veggie burger piled high with lettuce, tomato, mushrooms, and onions on a whole wheat bun. And yam fries with ketchup. Gotta have that ketchup. It was deeeelicious, and now I think it's time for a before bed time snack and some tea.

Then, when I wake up I will be 21 years young. Hooray! Goodbye, 20, you were fantastic!

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