Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Calling it Quits, Hydrating & Pumping Iron


What's new and exciting with you? Not much over here - the usual every day oats, work, and pajama time as soon as I come home from work. Such an interesting life I lead!

I have been really struggling with waking up early in the morning to get a run in before the work day begins. I used to be so diligent about it, but now I am sucked into the comfort of my bed and find myself constantly hitting the snooze button. One thing I am excited for is when it begins to be lighter earlier in the morning. Then I will be hitting the trails and pavement like it ain't no thang!

So, I decided that I would run after work. I got all my gear on, started to run, and my brain felt like it was sloshing around in my skull. I mean, obviously that literally wasn't the case, but my constant headache all day coupled with bouncing around on the treadmill left me wincing with every step. I called it quits after two minutes.




So, that was the end of that. Note to self: Be sure to have tons of water during the day rather than 5 cups of black tea. Caffeine, you're great and all, but I need to have less of you in my life. Since I have been keeping a journal of my eats and work outs, I have also been making notes to myself about weekly goals. This week: Hydrate more, and run 25 miles.

I did get in a work out though! I lazed around tossing the idea around in my head, then finally decided I should just do it!

20 minutes on the elliptical (fairly easy, increasing the resistance every 5 minutes)

Then some weights (ten pound dumbbells)
- 25/25/25/50 weighted oblique bends
- 3 x 10 shoulder presses
- 3 x 12 bicep curls
- 3 x 12 bent over rows
- 3 x 10 side lunges
- 3 x 10 deadlifts
- 50 plie squats

Hooray! Always feels good to get it done.
Did you work out today?

And since we all love pumping iron, let's get on eating our iron, too! Love me some spinach and lentils. I recently purchased some pumpkin seeds as well to add to my oatmeal. I used to always have them on hand, so it is nice to have them back in my bowl of oats - along with chia seeds and hemp seeds. Seeds are a great way to get in some extra vitamins and minerals, so try adding them to your salads, smoothies, cereal, oatmeal, or on top of yogurt!

Alright - signing off for sleepy time now. Gotta get some miles in tomorrow!

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