Friday, December 28, 2012

Jumping on the Healthy Train & Love at First Run

Good morning! I hope you all enjoyed the holidays and had a great time surrounded by loved ones. I know I did! Christmas is always a busy time with my family. We have an annual brunch with my mom's side of the family in the morning, then a break to come home and unwind (and play with our Christmas goodies), before we head to my aunt's house on my dad's side for dinner. I am a family kinda gal though, so I don't mind the rush!

If me and Brandon ever sent out Christmas cards, I think the picture above would be it. Nothing like a little Christmas Eve sass!

I always find it hard to stick to my usual eating routine during the holidays. There's just too much temptation around - cookies, baked treats, candy, chocolate, eggnog, and the list goes on. I admit that I didn't pay too much attention to eating well for the past week and a bit. I tried to get some work outs in here and there, and I made an effort to eat some vegetables, but I was never one to say no to fresh out of the oven cookies or chocolate. I actually indulged in some chocolate last night (and cookies the night before while I watched movies with Brandon). Apparently I need to work on my will power!

I did however exercise yesterday after all that chocolate. I did half an hour of weights, and I made sure to hit it hard. I am sore this morning, but I still ran! Gotta get back on that healthy train.

After last night's work out, I refueled with a veggie burger salad and a mug of green tea. I totally forgot we had kale in the fridge, so that was a nice discovery! Nothing beats getting those greens in! I cooked extra for my lunch today at work - woohoo for thinking ahead!

Now on a different topic - I went Boxing Day shopping. Yes, I could show you all the things I bought, but I have to show you my most favourite purchase (and most expensive, because I can't say no).

Mizuno Wave Elixir 8's! I have two pairs of the 7's right now, and while one pair isn't quite worn out, I couldn't pass this up. They had only arrived at the Running Room a couple days before Christmas, and I spent a while oogling over them online and wishing and hoping for them to arrive at my door step (with no cost). As soon as I tried them on, it was love at first sight.

And as soon as I took them for a three mile spin this morning, it was love at first run. The best thing about them is that there is little to no difference between the 8's and the 7's. They have the same specifications when it comes to stability, cushion, and weight, so I felt just as comfortable running in the brand new pair as I do in my "regular" pair. So excited to start training in these!

Oh, and I also signed up for the Times Colonist 10K. I'm trying to figure out my 2013 race calendar, but so far I only have two races. I was looking at another half marathon, but it is only a week before the Victoria Goddess Half, and I'm not about to do back to back halfs after taking such a drastic mileage cut this winter. One day!

I suppose I should change out of my pajamas and get ready for the day. Happy Friday!

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