Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I Love Christmas, I Love Coffee, I Love Running

This past Sunday was my Christmas party at work. Of course, in true Holly fashion, I left finding what I wanted to wear to the last minute. None of the clothes I currently own would do the trick, so I headed to the mall with my mom, sister, and Brandon on Sunday morning. After wandering around the mall several times and humming and hawing over my options, I finally settled on this number above. PS: Energy saving light bulbs don't create the best lighting, but the top of the dress is light blue and it's a pencil skirt style on the bottom. I paired it with some glittery blue shoes and voila! We were off.

We clean up geeeeeewwwwddddd.

The usual every day oats and veggie filled meals have been happening this week. However, something a little different happened today.


Yes, generally you would expect this from someone who runs anyway, but after taking some time off due to a pinchy feeling in my hip (my diagnosis = over use injury, cue my whining here), I decided to give it a go this morning. Good news - no pinchy hip! Obviously I took this one slow. Very, very slow in my eyes. However, I am so happy that I got to run today. Nothing better than a day off, Christmas shopping, and RUNNING all in one day!

My workout looked like this:
3 mile run
10 minutes stretching
3 x 10 standing leg lifts
10 double leg extensions (pilates move)
10 single leg extensions (pilates move)
25 laying oblique crunches
1 minute plank
20/20/10 squats
10/12/15 tricep dips

No shopping trip is complete without an almond milk latte from Blenz. As much as I love Starbucks, Blenz almost wins my heart over for the simple fact that they offer almond milk. Seriously, Starbucks. Jump on that bandwagon (unless they do and I am so oblivious)!

I am off to enjoy my dinner with these brand new, delicious smelling candles burning away beside me. I kid you not, the London Calling candle smells exactly like Earl Gray tea. SO GOOD.

Happy Wednesday! Hope you are all having a great week :)

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