Friday, December 14, 2012

Festivity Overload & The Cycle

I slept in this morning! It was glorious. Usually I wake up between six and six thirty on a regular work day (where I start at 9), but I slept in until quarter to eight this morning. It's amazing what an extra bit of sleep can do for you! The good thing about starting at noon is that you have the whole morning to do whatever you please. For me, this meant sleeping in, and getting in a work out before the rest of the day caught up to me.

As much as I wanted to run yesterday, by the time I got home after staying late after work and having something to satisfy my raaaaaavenous stomach, I decided to put it off. However, I woke up this morning ready to get my heart pumping, so I completed the following work out:

45 minutes elliptical, increasing the tension every 10 minutes.
3 x 12 bicep curls (ten pound weights)
3 x 10 shoulder presses (ten pound weights)
3 x 10 bent over rows (ten pound weights)
10 minutes stretching.

As you notice above, I did something different with my breakfast. And by different I mean, I put it in a different bowl. Why this one, you ask? Why not!? You know I love me some Christmas cheer. The funny thing about this bowl is that it's actually a dip bowl or one meant for appetizers. The antlers can be removed and they are actually spreading knives. Whatever works!

I am still going to baby my right leg as far as running is concerned, but there's no reason for me NOT to do lower impact exercises such as the elliptical, yoga, pilates, etc. I will still try to run, but if any pain comes up, I'm taking a break again. It's better to take a shorter break and heal the injury as soon as possible rather than having to take months off down the road when it's become worse.

Happy Friday!

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