Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fitocracy & the Zombie ApocaIypse

So happy to have the Christmas tree decorated! It looks even better now that some presents are under the tree, too. I have this thing about going overboard at Christmas. If it puts a smile on my family's face, then that's my main aim! However, I hope the B man will be ecstatic about his presents this year. They are all things he will get lots of use out of, and they fit his personality as well. It's nice to personalize gifts for people and put that extra thought into the gift!

I also purchased some great gifts for my sister, Sarah. She is easy and hard to shop for all at the same time - the girl has good taste, but we are two different sisters when it comes down to our personal likes/dislikes. I know she will love her gifts though. It certainly helps shopping with who you are looking to buy for, that way you can see what they spend extra time looking at or the items they specifically point to and say, "I want that!"

As far as my parents go, I can't give away too much since my mom reads the blog. However, I described her present as one that will make her cry (insert a blinking, tearful mocking face here). Yay!

Since I last posted, I have been blessed with some kind of cold or flu of some sort. Actually it's more of a cold; if it were the flu, I'd feel a lot worse than I do! I woke up with a scratchy throat, and since then I have developed a bit of a dry cough as well as a constant, nagging head ache that refuses to leave me. I'm not one to be poppin' Tylenol all day either (I haven't taken any yet, although I probably should), so hopefully it will wear out soon. After all, Christmas is coming!

I spent yesterday morning reading LouLou magazine and drinking green tea, hoping if I drink enough of it, the cold would flush right out of my system. During the work day yesterday I had four giant travel mugs filled with tea, as well as another when I got home and a litre of water. Holy liquid! Gotta pee, gotta pee.

Despite feeling under the weather, I figured it would be best to get my legs and heart pumping last night. Sometimes it just feels so good to get the endorphins going! I did thirty minutes on the elliptical at a moderately high intensity. While I increased my resistance, I tried to keep a steady pace and keep my heart rate fairly high to get the most bang out of my work out.

After breakfast (some every day oats and green tea), I completed 4.1 miles on the treadmill as I watched it snow like a mother trucker outside. Whoaaa, language! It was nice being so cozy and warm inside! I didn't use the fan, however, since we switched to electrical heat this morning rather than the pellet stove, so I was comfortable for my duration on the treadmill. Yay, I hope that happens more often! I cooled down with five minutes of walking, then stretched it out.

- Insert a quick trip to Walmart here, also Starbucks because YUM -

Then when we came home, I completed a quick ab work out with a mix of arms and legs in there as well.

Have you heard of the website Fitocracy? You are able to track your workouts, join groups, and gain points based on your workouts. This is what my workout looked like today once I had entered it to Fitocracy:

Workout Summary
  • Stretching +3 pts
    • 0:15:00 (+3 pts)
  • Running +526 pts
    • 0:36:13 || 4.1 mi || flat (+526 pts)
  • Dumbbell Squat +120 pts
    • 10 reps (+40 pts)
    • 10 reps (+40 pts)
    • 10 reps (+40 pts)
  • Reverse Crunch +65 pts
    • 12 reps (+20 pts)
    • 12 reps (+20 pts)
    • 15 reps (+25 pts)
  • Oblique Crunch +27 pts
    • 15 reps (+9 pts)
    • 15 reps (+9 pts)
    • 15 reps (+9 pts)
  • Plank +27 pts
    • 60 sec (+27 pts)
  • Seated Leg Extension Crunch +9 pts
    • 12 reps (+3 pts)
    • 12 reps (+3 pts)
    • 12 reps (+3 pts)
  • Walking +16 pts
    • 0:30:00 || flat (+16 pts)

  • Pretty cool! I haven't done much browsing around on the website, but definitely sign up if you are interested!

My username: hollyldouglas

Anyway, my tummy has been rumbling for the past twenty minutes, so it's snack + tea time! Have a great day everyone :)

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