Monday, September 24, 2012

What I Wore: Strength Training & A Work Out

The morning kicked off with a bowl of every day oats and a Christmas mug filled with chai tea. I instagrammed this (and every other food picture, basically) earlier and asked if it was too early to pull out the Christmas mugs. I admit, this one is in full rotation no matter the season, but it feels extra special in the fall when the holidays are only mere months away. While eating my breakfast I browsed on Tumblr and other sites looking for exercise inspiration. Today is a rest day from running, so I thought about doing the elliptical or some kind of cardio circuit... BUT I need some strength training in my life. So, I decided on a mish-mash of strength moves to target my whole body.
I did the following (and forgive my memory. Short-term over her & I didn't write anything down):
- Weighted bridges (10 lbs), 10 x 3
- Warrior 2 lunges w/ chest press (10 lbs), 10 x 3 (each leg)
- Bicep curls (10 lbs), 10 x 3
- Push-ups, 10 x 3
- Squats (10 lbs), 3 x 20
- Bent-over rows, (10 lbs each hand), 3 x 12
- Reaching Sit Ups (weighted, 10 lbs), 10
- Shoulder presses (10lbs each) 3 x 10
- Standing oblique bends (weighted, 10 lbs each hand) 25 x 4, then 3 x 10
- Weighted inner thigh squats (10 lbs), 10
- Chest presses (10 lbs), 3 x 10
- Tricep dips, 3 x 10
- Stiff-legged deadlifts (20 lbs total), 3 x 10
- Double leg extension, 3 x 12
- Single leg extension, 3 x 12
- Single leg circles (8 each direction, each side) x 3
- Donkey kicks, 10 each leg x 3
Aaand some stretching mixed in and then after. I think that's all!
What I wore:
The whole outfit. Note: I didn't wear all Lululemon by choice. It was a coinkydink!
These are the separate pieces I wore:
The Lululemon Ta-Ta Tamer is the best sports bra I have tried ever. It holds the girls in and reduces movement, and it's nice because the straps are adjustable and padded so they don't strain too much on the shoulders. The only downfall is that it isn't the most pleasant looking bra when it's on. I mean, the cups look like fly eyes, right? Nevertheless, I wear this in most of my workouts, unless it's a simple yoga class where I'll just wear a more simple sports bra.
Lululemon Boogie Shorts. I wear these for spin and yoga classes, as well as when I'm on the elliptical. However, I don't wear them when I am running, because they tend to creep up and I'm always tugging them down. I LOVE shorts when they have grips on the inside of the leg, so I use a different pair (they are an Everlast brand).
I got this top on sale from Lululemon before Christmas, and it is originally intended for yoga. I have used it a few times for running, but I prefer regular tank style shirts or T-shirts for running. I will however use it for yoga, elliptical, spinning, and basically every other work out except running.
I am baking a bunch of goodies this afternoon, so I will be posting some recipes on the blog later on probably! :)
Have a good Monday!

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