Thursday, September 27, 2012

Running Jargon & Being a Whiny Beeyatch

Runners use a lot of funny words to describe their workouts. Have you ever heard someone talking about their four mile tempo, or their fartlek run? Here are some common terms used by the sweat-obsessed and what they mean!
1. Easy Runs: A light run usually done at a conversational pace. If you can't describe that awesome movie you saw last night, you are not in the easy zone, and you're going too fast!
2. LSD: Long Slow Distance, people. We aren't on drugs here (hugs, not drugs). Long slow distance is exactly what it sounds like. 15 miles at a LSD. Bazinga.
3. Recovery Runs: Recovery runs are sometimes referred to as "junk miles," mostly because the run is not a hard workout. However, a recovery run takes place after a hard work out and allows the legs to get used to working while they are fatigued.
4. Speedwork: Is one of my favourite things to do (but not the definition, obviously). The goal of speedwork is to improve your stamina, endurance, and speed (herp derp duh). Hills, tempo runs, track work outs, and interval running all falls under the speedwork category.
5. Interval Training: Alternating short burts of high intensity speed with short recovery periods. This sky rockets the heart rate, boosts metabolism, and is a great way to burn a lot of calories in a short period of time. Intervals are one way to get faster and build strength.
6. Hill Repeats: Hill repeats are done at your 5K race pace on the way up, followed by a slow recovery jog on the way down. They hurt like hill, but they are an awesome way to be prepared for hilly courses. Likewise, you will also become a stronger and faster runner from hill repeats.
7. Fartleks: Fartlek is the Swedish word for speed play. An easy run can be broken up by sporadic bursts of speed. You call the shots here, so go as hard and fast as you want, and recover for as long as you want. There are no time boundaries in fartleks.
8. Tempo Runs: Tempo runs are generally done once a week for speed work. Runners hold a threshold, or comfortably challenging pace, for a designated amount of time during a run, followed by a good warm up and cool down.
9. Pick-Ups: Short, gentle increases in speed at the end of a run. This aids in recovery.
10.  Strength Training: Strength training is exactly what it sounds like. Strength training is a great way for runners to build muscles that in turn help with running. A strong core is essential for runners. Strength training also helps prevent injuries.
11. Cross-Training: Alternate running with other exercises such as swimming, yoga, cycling, etc. to improve overall strength and fitness.
12. Rest Days: It is important to rest and let your body relax at least one day a week. Running is hard on the body, despite how beneficial it is, but rest days allow your muscles to repair and grow stronger. And sometimes it's just nice to relax on the couch and hang out. That's exactly what I'm doing right now!
So, after my little weights extravaganza on Monday, I was feeling pretty sore. Then on Tuesday I did a lot of core work with the exercise ball. Yesterday I didn't really do anything, and today I didn't either. And guess what? I am being a whiny child today, because I AM GETTING SICK. Oh boy, life is over! I woke up this morning with a sore throat and a pounding headache, and it hasn't gone away yet. My mom is an angel though, and she brought me a honey and lemon ginger concoction thingy majiggy to work to drink, which was delicious. I think it was all the honey in there, but hey, I'll take it! I really don't have time to get sick since I am running a half marathon next Sunday. I know, right? Where did that come from? Plans sneak up when you are too busy having a pity party for yourself while you're lounging on the couch, apparently. So, I put together a little running plan that will take me until next Friday. If I am still sick this weekend I will alter it a bit, of course, because I don't want to burn out before race day!
Anyway, it's almost 9:30, and I was planning to be in bed by 9. Yeah, I am a party animal. In all honesty, I need to wake up early tomorrow and get a run in. I put it off today, so I have some double duty tomorrow (and then spin & core) in order to get myself back on track. Good night!

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