Saturday, September 22, 2012

Spin & Core Vlog & A Bit of Profanity Here

Check out that pretty face on the paused screen. LOL, maybe I should check these things before I post them on the internet for the whole world to see. The best way to embarrass yourself is putting lame videos of yourself online, apparently. Whatever - I was tired after spin & core! I thought about taking it easy since I had already ran in the morning, but I changed my mind when I got to class. I pushed myself super hard last night, which left me feeling pumped up and energized for the rest of the night! Oh yeah, and hungry, but I'm always hungry it seems.
So, on the topic of hunger, after a sweaty three mile sprint fest this morning, the last thing I wanted was a steaming hot bowl of oatmeal. Weird, right? It's like my favourite breakfast in the world. However, I wanted to kick off the morning with a lot of protein.
I scrambled up two eggs with some veggies (red pepper, celery, mushrooms, spinach) and I am currently STILL making my way through it. In the cup I have the Vega Vanilla Chai protein drink. I haven't been using a full scoop of this, but rather a half or 3/4 scoop. Not a huge difference, but so far I am liking this amount, and it is working to keep me full and satiated. It was perfect after my workout to tide me over until I got home, where I had a small salad with some tuna.
Any health or fitness plans this weekend? I have three more miles tomorrow, then my weekly total is 30. Woohoo! I would like to run some higher mileage soon, although I have two half marathons coming up and the last thing I want is to burn out from getting to mileage-happy.
Have a good day!
PS. Excuse the language here...

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