Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall is AWESOME with the Exception of THIS & Today's Lunch

I kicked off the morning with a four mile treadmill run. The only thing that I do not like about the fall season is that it stays dark until 7AM, and I like to be almost finished my run by the time 7AM rolls around. Everything else about fall can stay: the changing leaves, the fact that you can wear giant sweaters and boots and not look like a fool or sweat your tail off (I never understood why people would do this in the summer), and endless coffee and tea and hot drinks when it's cold outside.

Right, back to my run. I wore my Running Room compression socks, because my calves were feeling a bit tight after my 6 miler after work. Oh yes, it happened! It definitely helped, and it felt good while I was stretching (read: texting while in some random yoga pose on the floor). I took it easy pace wise since I do have a spin & core class tonight. It's good to get the time on your feet though no matter which pace you go, although it is good to run with a purpose, too.

On to lunch! I was going to make a video of my lunch again, you know, because they are so interesting and gourmet, but then I remembered that I still had to get ready for work and YouTube takes half an hour to upload videos. I had 20 minutes, so that was a no go. Anyway, here is my lunch for the day! I might find another piece of fruit or something before I go.

1 cup organic quinoa
3/4 cup chickpeas
Chopped tomato, celery, cucumber, red peppers, red onion & shredded spinach
Greek dressing 
It's essentially a Greek salad (with celery and chickpeas) on quinoa. I thought of having a hot meal, but since I had a stirfry yesterday for lunch I opted for something cold.
Then I'll be freezing and be forced to buy myself a coffee from The Book Nook Cafe next door. Oh darn. Hard times.
Happy Friday to all you lucky people who actually have a Friday today! My Friday is tomorrow - can't wait! Any weekend plans?

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