Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cake Pops, Alpacas, and Cocktails... Oh MY!

How do you spend the day after girls night? You spend it in the company of alpacas, of course! Sunday night was a great night with great snacks, great food, and great friends! It was a lot of fun, although I felt a bit cloudy headed come Monday morning. HMMM, I wonder why that could be?

After the Terry Fox 10K, I spent some time with the family (we had a BBQ at our house in the afternoon) before jetting off (in my private jet...) to a friends house for some fun! Best day: A new PR and some pina coladas. Isn't that how you celebrate, too?

Homemade cake pops = commence sugar coma. Oh, and cocktails and cupcakes and tons of other goodies. Stuffed to the brim!

Thank you to Kara for hosting the night & Emily for inviting everyone! And sorry about my "Only sober girl here!" pose - Cue hand behind the head in a super model-esque way.
Moving on to less indulgent things...

VOILA! Greek salad on spinach. This tasted particularly yummy after a 6 mile run. I know some people crave sugar and sweets after a run (which seems to be me after half marathons, or at least ones that offer you jelly beans), but sometimes it tastes so good to have some SALT! Yes, sodium shmodium. After a 6 mile sweat fest, the feta tasted betta (yes, I went there)!

Do you make an effort to eat clean and workout more after an indulgent weekend? I am certainly trying! I am also playing with the thought of going gluten free for a while, probably a week or so. I notice that whenever I have a lot of wheat my skin feels extra dry and gets easily inflammed, and I generally feel more sluggish. That is the same with dairy & why I really try to limit it in my diet. Plus, it's way better for you! Dairy and g-free (maybe?) is the way to be!
Anyway, I am done rambling for the night! I'm off to get a second helping of Greek salad (if my family hasn't eaten the rest!) and crash on the couch. I'm feeling extra tired today... Oh, great. It's the beginning of my work week, too.
Good night!

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