Sunday, September 16, 2012

A New 10K PR! And Not a Drop of Coffee

This afternoon I embarked on a 6.2 mile journey to Personal Record land! Today was the Terry Fox Run 10K held at the Forest Museum in Duncan, and while it wasn't as organized as some races I have been to (comparing it to those in Victoria and Vancouver, so there's a stretch there), it was still tons of fun. Lots of families came out to the event, and you had the option to walk as well. Naturally I walked.
NOT. Ha, almost had you guys there (actually I'm sure I didn't). I chose the 10K, which was a familiar course since I have driven the roads we ran on several times before. Perhaps I should've RAN them first, since there are lots of gradual inclines and quite a few rolling hills I never noticed in the comfort of my car. Funny how that works, hey? Anyway, I was quite happy when I crossed the finish line and was greeted with a new PR flashing on my watch: 52:33, which is faster than my last time! It's all about progress, right? I seem to be getting faster with each 10K race, so hopefully that will help in my next half marathon!
Now, let's rewind to this morning. Since it is my weekend now - so really, it is Saturday and not Sunday, so you all don't have to go to work tomorrow (because I said so!) - I slept in a little. Actually I just barely slept in, but the extra time counts! I wanted to get eight miles in for the day, so since a 10K is 6.2 (we are rounding to 6 in this case), I had to do a couple miles before the race. I could've done them after, but I'd rather do two miles on fresh legs than try to bust out a couple more after gunning it through six. Ya catch my drift here? "Yes, you're rambling now." Okay, okay. So you get the gist that I woke up and ran two miles. Then the normal morning routine of having breakfast began. I really do lead such an interesting life.
All in all it was a successful day! We also had a family BBQ at my house, so I came home to a delicious quinoa salad with sauteed mushrooms and onions and fresh fruit and veggies. I also stole a couple bites of my sister's veggie burger. Sharing is caring, right?
OH and breaking news. I didn't have a drop of coffee today, and I can't stop thinking about it. Why do we have to be out of almond milk right now? It's painful. It really, really is.
Anyway, I am off to get ready for a GIRLS NIGHT woohoo! Then maybe I'll sleep in tomorrow (alcohol induced slumber? Who knows!).
Have a great night! And have a cup of coffee for me too :)

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