Friday, August 24, 2012

Surprise! A New Favourite Tea & Something Sad


I came home from work yesterday to some of my favourite magazines. The bonus part is that they are ginormous and I could probably do a ton of high rep bicep curls or shoulder presses with these bad boys. September issues of magazines are usually the biggest, therefor they are chock full of advertisements. Usually this would bother me - in health and fitness magazines it drives me CRAZY - but in this case, it's an excuse to stop and stare and drool and cry over the expensive Louis Vuitton bags and Burberry Prorsum trench coats you can't afford. Now, imagine being surprised with those kind of gifts one day (or I'll surprise myself and force my brain to forget about the huge ass credit card charge).

And I also received another SURPRISE!

A new pair of compression socks. I am spoiled. Perhaps I should have bad days EVERY DAY. Who needs positivity when you have presents? Just kidding. That sounds awfully greedy. Anyway, I was very thankful to see these, and even more thankful to test them out after a five mile run yesterday. They are Asics compression socks with CuTec29 technology, which claims:

"The copper-ion technology inhibits bacterial and fungal growth and helps to restore skin cells for healthier looking skin texture, tone, and skin wellness for the wearer."

Odor control + Hygiene + Skin Wellness = Maximum Comfort"

My verdict so far: Love them! I love them so much, I wore them under some skinny jeans while going out for coffee with a friend. Shhh, you couldn't see them, I swear (aside from the fact that I was wearing Toms shoes, but that's besides the point).
I also tried a new tea while we were out and about. And it is my new favourite. So good. Still thinking about it now. Must go purchase some this weekend.

So tasty!

I woke up this morning excited for some kind of smoothie. Or some kind of oatmeal. HOWEVER, no bananas. I was quite sad considering I have a banana every morning. It's my breakfast fruit, after all! So, I was forced to stop being so dramatic about a stupid banana and used apple in my morning oatmeal instead. Blah. That's the way it is though! Tomorrow, bananas for all!

Alright, that is all!  

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