Thursday, July 12, 2012

Some Pros & Cons of Running & Reserving Bananas

1. Today was the first day I ran since Saturday. Sometimes I like to take little mini breaks & focus on other exercises, like strength training, the elliptical & most recently, kayaking. My parents purchased two kayaks the other day, and they are a blast! A great workout, too. However, I missed my usual running, so naturally I had to bust out a couple (well, five to be specific) miles today.

2. Self explanatory. And I've been doing 50 squats every day for the past like, four days now. Ooh yeah.

3. Running is a great way to clear your head. However, running in a new area or even a familiar area reminds me that there's a lot more out there in the world. Crappy day at work? Go for a run & admire all that surrounds you. "Think of the beauty that's all around you, and be happy!" - Anne Frank

4. Vaseline is a runner's best friend. Or BodyGlide or any of those lubricating products. Don't want chaffed nipples after a race? Vaseline that shit. Sorry, someone had to say it. It also works great on your feet - a tad bit slippery inside of your socks, but you'll have zero blisters and less wear and tear on your feet when you cross the finish line. And safe nipples. Important!

I reserved a banana (quite literally) for a smoothie I wanted to make, and then my mom came home with a giant bunch of bananas. Oopsies.

Our new toys! My friend Lauren & I are taking these bad boys out on the water tomorrow. Woohoo!

And some food! I made a veggie wrap with chipotle mango dressing, and then a side salad which consisted of spinach, celery, carrots, chickpeas, tomato, feta cheese & a lemon dill seasoning on top. So good, so filling!

Off to make some dinner! Sarah & I picked up Starbucks for the family tonight and now that I have some espresso in my system, my body is awake and realizes it wants some food.

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