Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Run Day, Double Whammy Recipes & A Sneaky Muffin

Jumping right into today's workout. I started running just before 7AM, and I am not lying to you when I say I felt amazing after! Nothing compares to that feeling after a good run, even if it was on the treadmill rather than outside. I had the weekend off of work (without even booking it off! That worked out well :) ) , so I got a lot of stuff done around the house. You know, fun stuff like washing dishes, sweeping the floor, taking out the garbage & recycling... Doesn't that sound so thrilling!?

This will be me at the half marathon in SIX DAYS. Wow, that sure came up fast. Soon I will be really freaking out! Note to self: Make sure iPod & Garmin is CHARGED to the max!

I also did some baking today! First recipe for you: Chocolate protein banana zucchini muffins. Wow, that's sure a (delicious) mouthful!

You're welcome for the crappy iPhone photo :)

I used THIS recipe to create the muffins. However, these are the substitutions I made:
Note: I changed the serving size to ONE loaf and divided it between 12 muffins.

1 cup whole wheat flour (rather than half whole wheat, half white)
Just over 1 tsp. pumpkin spice (rather than separate spices since I only had one (with all mixed in!) on hand)
3 tablespoons ground flaxseed mixed with 6 tablespoons water (rather than 2 eggs)
Brown sugar rather than white sugar
1/4 cup and 2 tbsp. oil (rather than 1/4 applesauce (I had none), but kept the 2 tablespoons oil)
1 full teaspoon (rather than half)

These muffins turned out perfect moist, sweet, and delicious. The addition of oil helps the flour from hardening. I currently have mine stored in an airtight container. Bonus: Brandon likes them! I wonder if he knows there's vegetables in them? ;) Me so sneaky.

And on an unhealthy note, I made him white chocolate covered Oreo cookies. Simply place an Oreo in the bottom of a muffin liner & cover with white chocolate. Refrigerate to harden.
These were a hit while he was packing his lunch tonight!

And back to a healthy note, I also made some homemade granola bars. However, I have yet to take a picture with my big girl camera for you. I tried on my phone and it just looks like a square lumpy mess. They are so good though!
So, look forward to another recipe comin' atcha!

Hope you had a great weekend everyone!

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