Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Gun Show, Lonely Broccoli & A Fruit/Veggie Comparison

Ah, Stick It! The movie that made me (and you, I'm sure) wish you could be a super gymnastics crazy woman. Although I can't even do a cartwheel (summersaults are more my style), I am slowly gaining the constitutional right to bear arms. Actually I do have this right (tooting my own horn here, what?), but as the half marathon quickly approaches (next Sunday!), I have taken some time away from running and focused my workouts mostly on strength training and some light walking to/from work. Here is what my workout looked like today:

Although weight training doesn't give me that same out of breath feeling as running, it's a great way to get your heart pumping (whoa, almost wrote pumpkin there) and it has a TON of benefits. If you are interested in toning and shedding fat, lift weights. Lift, lift, lift. And ladies: don't be scared to lift out of your comfort zone. You won't bulk up and look like the Hulk if you lift heavy weights, I promise.

However, I personally find myself hungrier than ever when I lift weights in comparison to running. After a run I do feel hungry, but I also feel wiped out and exhausted (but energized at the same time, which makes no sense). After lifting weights I feel like eating everything in the apartment, including the junky brownies Brandon bought. BUT I have being more mindful of what I'm eating and haven't gone near them ;) Yay will power! Plus that's not really my cup of tea.

Now, onto some dinner time eats:

Don't worry, broccoli. I love you! Tonight's dinner included a filet of salmon seasoned with lemon dill spice on top of spinach with roasted kale, broccoli & zucchini. And of course after typing about all this food, naturally I am hungry again (and not even finished my dinner).

If you are like me and wonder about the nutritional content of fruits & veggies, here you go. Oh, none of you wonder about that? Weird.

I can't wait until tropical fruit starts coming out (and you don't have to wait weeks for it to ripen up). Mango and pineapple especially. I actually bought a mango the other day when it was perfectly sweet. So, so delicious!

Yay! So now you must go out and buy some fruits & veggies to reap all the health benefits.

Have a good night everyone!

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  1. mango and pine apple and guava and avacados all grow in my back yard in hilo