Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Vancouver Island, with a Side of FroYo

It is important to document fun moments in your life through pictures, such as waiting in the car as the ferry unloads. Brandon is never thrilled when I whip out my camera (I can hear him groaning right now as I type this), but he is always a good sport and does it anyway. He knows I need my pictures!

Another thing I need: Frozen yogurt. To be honest, I haven't had self-serve FroYo since I moved to Vancouver. I like to load myself up with fruit and toffee chunks (I'm the cup on the left), and my sister likes a bit of candy with her fruit. What can I say. My candy loving ways always rub off (I may have snuck some M&Ms in mine...)

Note: Sarah & I went to see the movie The Lorax. I highly suggest you see it if you love cartoons, Dr. Seuss, and giggling a lot as you eat your Skittles.

Fuel on Sunday morning before Brandon & I headed off for the ferry. There are apple chunks & pumpkin spice in the mix too (as well as every type of seed in my cupboard).

On to the workouts from the past few days...

Sunday was pretty go-go-go for me. Up early, yet I managed to go to bed around 10:15. I felt well rested when I woke up. Maybe it was because I was in my room back home! Nevertheless, I was itchin' to get outside in the fresh air for a run. I strapped on my Garmin and laced up my shoes, then headed out. Apparently I thought a tech shirt & capris would suffice, but I was very wrong. UMMM SNOW!? Well that was unexpected. Thankfully it didn't last long! I finished my run, hobbled inside, and immediately began shivering. Sure, I was all warm when I was outside running (well, after 15 minutes or so), but as soon as I stepped in the house the chills came on. I got ready slooowly... Then Sarah and I were out the door to the movies!

Today was pretty boring work out wise. Brandon and I came back to Vancouver today on the 10:15, arrived at the apartment around 1:00, unpacked our things, and then I was out the door at 2:30 for work at 3! So, basically I slacked off today ;) HA!

I walked to and from work, about 20 minutes, then did some easy core work when I got home. I am on Day 20 of my Core Streak! I split my core work up like so:
2 x 50 standing oblique crunches with 10# weights
2 x 50 regular crunches
2 x 50 bicycle crunches
3 x 20 inner thigh lifts

Wooh! Tomorrow I'm thinking 6 miles (or 7? Who knows!) and a whole lotta foam rolling. I won't be able to make it to the Lululemon run club tomorrow (noooo! I am actually really sad about that!), but next week I will be there for sure! It was so fun running with company. Not that my television isn't good company or anything, for those early treadmill runs. My neighbors must love me. Perhaps that's why I only know two people in the building (umm the landlord who doesn't actually live on site and my own boyfriend).

Hope you had a great Tuesday, friends!

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