Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Idiots, a Nike Wishlist & Today's Run

My day started at 6:20 this morning & I haven't even gone to work yet!

Note: I wrote in my walk to work (or rather, the skytrain)/back already this morning and added the walking cool down I did from my run to that total. I know it will happen anyway, and since I have a late shift, I am 99.9% positive that I would forget to add it when I got back to the apartment.

So, I decided to do 7 miles this morning. I was runnin' along at a pretty comfortable pace, then took the Post-It note off the distance tracker (I cover it so I'm not constantly looking at it & silently cursing at the clock to move faster) and saw I was at 6.3 miles. I decided to keep pluggin' away and ended up at 7.1. Yes! My total mileage running-wise for the week right now is 10 miles (within 2 days). If you follow me on Daily Mile it calculates all your work outs, including any miles you walk. So, with today's walk, it's rounded up to 12. I have some days off coming up, and I am hoping to find a running route nearby where I can get some mileage in outside without having to run up and down my street & around the block several times (yeah, it's happened). Now everyone will be able to see me out there running like a fool!

Since the warmer weather should be here any day (yep, any day now, but don't blame me when it starts snowing again), I was browsing online looking for some new running gear. What I am looking for: a new running jacket, some SHORTS! (I have two pairs, one of which is my absolute favourite, the other... not so much), and running tights. I don't mind running in pants, but when the only ones you own are actually a size too big and meant for yoga, I'd probably be mooning everyone as I ran by. I'm just not that kinda girl ;)

Nike running jacket (on sale for $44.97), Nike tempo shorts (on sale for $17.97) and Nike running tights (sadly not on sale, at $68). Saving money + running in sweet harmony here, folks.

Have a happy Wednesday! I'm off to get ready for the day (goodbye, sweet pajamas and knitted socks).

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