Friday, March 23, 2012

Fitness Friday, Frolicking in the Sun & Rugrats


 Wow, what a beauty of a day to be outside running! It was the perfect temperature today  (short sleeve weather!) with clear skies. How could I just stay inside all day? I ventured out around 1:30 to a local golf course to test out their running/walking loop.

I'm just going to complain about something here now: I encountered a group of about 8 people several times during my 6 mile journey. I am a polite runner - really, I am. If I notice people coming closer, I'll say "Excuse me," so they know I'm coming up behind me and then they can move out of the way. Or I'll just run on the outside of the trail so they can have the walk way. However, these people just randomly stopped a bunch of times, all mindlessly shuffling about. I must've said "Excuse me, please!" a million times before I finally just pushed past them. One man just stood there as he watched me come closer, then finally stepped out of the way when we were shoulder to shoulder. I mean, there is a certain standard of running etiquette one should follow. However, if I have to share a gorgeous, sunny trail on a beautiful day with people who just randomly stop and talk and gawk at nothing in particular, you'd think they'd have to follow some kind of "I-like-to-walk-one-mile-an-hour-and-disregard-anyone-else-on-the-trail" etiquette too, right?

Okay, rant over. Anyway! I walked a mile & a half to cool down, stretched by my car, and went to the grocery store. That's the logical thing to do when you are all sweaty and full of endorphins, right? This is what my Fitness Friday looked like today!

Note: The Ab Burner was pretty tough! It flew by though, which was nice, since I was getting hungry for dinner. My meal times were a little out of whack today, and so was my appetite. I had my bowl of oats, then instead of having "lunch" before my run, I snacked on a small homemade pumpkin muffin and some greek yogurt with almonds. This was great, and I wasn't hungry until about 4 o'clock, after I was finished my run & home from the grocery store. I had an apple between there, came home and ate lunch (a bunch of roasted veggies & tofu topped with salsa), then baked some cookies (4 are in my stomach, happily digesting) and I had dinner (brown rice with 2 scrambled eggs, tomatoes/onion/green pepper & a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese). I guess it was healthy stuff, anyway! I find that I eat a little bit more on my days off, too. Must be all that time spent at home!

Story of my life.

Sometimes I amaze Brandon. "You're eating again? Where do you put it?"
"Well my dear, I just ran 11 miles, so I probably left some of it behind on the treadmill and I need to refuel!" One thing I always keep in mind though is that I need to fuel for fitness. My stomach is not a garbage can, and I try to eat healthy 99% of the time. The four cookies count as the 1% today.

Oh, and I just had a piece of toast with peanut butter, jam & chia seeds sprinkled on top. Yay! Now my tummy is happy.

Have a great Friday night everyone! I'm watching Marley & Me, and it will soon be time for me to hit the hay. I have a meeting tomorrow followed by a 2-8 work shift. See you tomorrow!

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  1. Food is the fuel to make your body run well, you dont want to put bad/dirty fuel in your car why would you put it in your body!
    someone told em that once and it changed how I ate completely!!