Sunday, March 25, 2012

Keeping Calm & Gettin' Ghetto

 I stepped out of my car today when I got to the golf course for my run & realized I didn't bring my music OR my beloved water bottle. Deep breath, deep breath, stay calm. Fortunately there was an area near their little cafe with water fountains, so I was able to quench my thirst. The great thing about running earlier this morning (I started about 10 minutes to 8) is that there weren't tons of people on the trail. Don't get me wrong - running with people is great! However, I didn't want to have to dodge a billion people after only having one cup of coffee prior to my adventure. Anyway, everything went well & I was home by 9AM. Wooh! I even had time to shower before work (you're welcome, world).

This is what my workout looked like today.
Note: Yesterday I just walked a mile & a half. I decided to sleep in a bit, but I got my core work in, too!

Tomorrow I have a 5AM wake up call for an early work shift at 7. I already have all my oatmeal ingredients ready to go in the pot (minus banana, almond milk, vanilla extract & PB) and coffee ready to be flicked on to brew. Otherwise, this might happen in my household:

And that just wouldn't be nice of me since Brandon's brother is staying with us. I don't want to have to whip out the ghetto Holly... *snap*

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