Saturday, March 17, 2012

5 Miles & A Bowl of Oats

Hello friends!

I am just going to put this out there. I am a huge breakfast fan! In fact, I love breakfast so much, I eat the same thing every morning, and I like breakfast for dinner, too. Generally my breakfast consists of oatmeal and some kind of fresh fruit (unless we are going out for breakfast, where I will always order fruit as well). What do I put in my oatmeal to keep me more full? It goes like so:
- 1/2 cup (or 1/3 cup, depending if I'm raging hungry!) oats. I buy the Rogers brand with flax seeds.
- 2 tbsp. raisins (or not!)
- 1 tbsp. chia seeds
- 1 (or 2) tbsp. sunflower seeds (or pumpkin seeds, raw)
- Vanilla extract & pumpkin spice for some flava!

99% of the time I will add banana while the oatmeal is cooking. However, if I have no bananas on hand I will often cook in frozen mixed berries, pear, or apple chunks. I like starting my day on a healthy note!

I also cook my oats in water to begin with, then add almond milk to thicken it up & make it creamier. Then, top with a scoop of natural PB and voila! Breakfast is served.

Moving along to a little pre-breakfast today...

I tried an energy gel for the first time during my run today. It wasn't a long run, but since I was running on an empty stomach and recently purchased some gels for the upcoming half, I wanted to test one out. The verdict: SO GOOD! This literally tasted like vanilla pudding. It is basically 100 calories of sugar with some sodium and carbs thrown in the mix. I actually felt myself feel a bit more alert after I finished the pack (surprisingly there was more than I thought in there!). I would definitely buy it again! Oh, and test out the chocolate one I bought as well... :)

My goal is to do core exercises every day for the month of March, even if it's something as simple as a 1 minute plank or only 25 crunches. It takes 21 days to make a habit, so let's see how this goes! Four more days and I'll be doing it every day until I am too old to get off the floor. Ha!

I am off to the island tomorrow morning! I'm hoping to squeeze in a 5 miler before we catch the ferry. This week I'm liking 5 miles, and last week it was 6. Does anyone else go through trends in their training?

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