Friday, October 7, 2016

Five Things Friday: All Over the Map

Good morning, and happy Friday, friends! I am extra excited this morning because I don't have to work tomorrow. Oh, the joys of having a few days left of vacation time to use. I will be preparing for the Victoria Half Marathon on Sunday, so laying low and taking it easy is on the schedule.

I wanted to jump in with my usual favourites post this morning. It is a little all over the map, but that gives variety, right? Let me know in the comments what YOU are loving this week!

Fall sunsets have been amazing lately. I am usually up to watch the sun rise too, and there is something so peaceful about the rising and setting of the sun. Everything is quiet, the sky looks beautiful, and (for me anyway) it makes me feel thankful for LIFE. Life is great, hey? Is that too happy for the morning? Sorry guys, but it's true.

This last weekend was spent with the pupperoni. We have been enjoying quality couch time reading Harry Potter. Or rather, I was reading, she was sleeping. Nevertheless, I enjoy this time so much, and it is so relaxing, too.

THOSE EARS. Enough said. I die.

I came across these pea crisps at the grocery store last week, and I am obsessed with them. So much so that the next day I purchased their Caesar flavour. Ryan is a fan too, which is a huge win in my books! These little pea crisps are full of fibre and flavour, without going overboard on the sodium, which is important.

I have also loved brain storming for Blogtober! Yes, it is still Blogtober, but I have been putting a lot of work into this. There is something about sitting down with a mug of coffee, opening up my notebook and my laptop and just letting the writing flow. It has been a great way for me to get more creative in the kitchen as well, as I hope to share more recipes with you all, too!

I have been using this serum for the last couple months and have noticed a huge difference in the overall brightness of my skin. My skin is super sensitive and can easily become irritated, but this is gentle enough to use both morning and before bed. It has a light scent, and is made with natural and organic ingredients. Can't beat that!


What have you guys been loving this week? Let me know if there's anything I MUST try!

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