Saturday, October 8, 2016

Blogtober: Fall Shopping Mini-Haul

Good evening, friends!

This post is comin' at ya later in the day since I just got back from a day in Victoria with my sister. We had some pre-half marathon activities (I'm running a half marathon TOMORROW!) to attend to, such as the race expo and picking up my race package, and most importantly SHOPPING! When in Victoria, right? : )

Also, I need to boast for a minute here. We went into Lululemon, where normally I am sucked right in, but I tried on three things and didn't buy a single one. Am I sick?? Weird. You know when you try something on and you like it, but you don't love it? Yeah, that was me today. Oh well!

However, I did pick up some goodies that I wanted to share with you on the bloggy blog today. Here's what I picked up!

I have been on the hunt for a new purse for a few months now. The purse I am currently carrying is on the smaller side and can basically only fit my wallet and my phone. Not only is it teeny tiny, but the hardware on it was wearing off and it was looking a little sad and worn. Introducing, this upgraded baby from Aldo. Is anyone loving these darker wine colours? Anything that reminds me of wine, right? ; ) It is nice and roomy, and now I can actually pack snacks comfortably in my purse. That's the true test right there!

We also stopped into LUSH, and although I was wandering around not really looking at anything, eventually the bath bomb section sucked me in. The orange bath bomb is called the Yoga Bomb, and the purple-pink one is called Twilight. Both are on the sweeter smelling side, though Yoga has notes of sandalwood and Twilight has notes of vanilla and lavender. I actually have a small collection of bath bombs growing in my bathroom cupboard, but it doesn't hurt to add some more. Eventually they'll all get used... : )

Last stop was Sephora. The last and most dangerous stop. Actually, I'd say (on a normal day) that it would be tied with Lululemon. I picked up some essentials like my favourite charcoal face wipes and make up setting spray (which I recently discovered and love), as well as an old concealer favourite from Make Up For Ever. The lip gloss was kind of an impulse buy. I told my sister on the way home, "I bought lipstick AND ate a sandwich today. Who am I? I'm a new woman!" Weird for me but we'll see how much use it gets!


I hope you guys are having a great weekend so far! Let me know in the comments what YOU love from Sephora, or if there are any drugstore favourites I should check out. Until next time!

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