Monday, September 26, 2016

FitBit Fun + Solo Gym Time

Good evening, friends!

I am coming to you tonight from the comfort of my couch. It has been a bit of a busy day today, but what's new? My Sunday (which is Monday) always tends to be all over the place - and I wonder why I feel not-so relaxed after the weekend... Hmmm..

Nevertheless, I wanted to pop in and give you a little recap of the weekend!

After the work day on Saturday, I hit the gym for a quick workout. I had about 45 minutes MAX to spend, as I was attending a surprise 50th birthday party for a family friend, so I got it done FAST. My heart rate stayed elevated the whole time, and I took shorter than normal rests between sets. The workout consisted of a 5 minute warm up on the treadmill, followed by some back, biceps, and shoulders.

And because I couldn't get enough of the upper body, I completed a similar work out on Sunday, but mixed in some HIIT (high intensity interval training) after. I would sprint all out for 30 seconds, rest for another 30, and then run at an easy pace for one minute before repeating it again. The purpose of this is to get the heart rate going up, and down, and WTF is she going to do next. This will help shock the metabolism and keep your body in the fat burnin' zone. Not bad, not bad ; ) Both Saturday and Sunday were nice and quiet in the gym - gotta love that solo time so you can take multiple gym selfies without ridicule, am I right? : )

Post-work out meal on Sunday night. Ryan and I signed up for a local CSA offered by a farm that our friends own, and they were generous enough to give us one of their chickens. So, Ryan got crafty in the kitchen and roasted it up, and we enjoyed a delicious dinner. The chicken was so fresh and tender, and I made some homemade chicken soup with it today! Gotta love that : ) 

Now rewind to now where Nala is laying on the floor with my shoes post-puppy playdate with her cousins. Yep, that's her favourite spot. That and under the kitchen table chairs. Strange, but whatever works! 

So, I came upon a FitBit on Friday afternoon. A friend said she didn't use hers and was going to throw it in the garbage, so in I swooped to take it off her hands. I used it for most of the afternoon yesterday and into the evening, and fortunately I hit just over 10,000 steps yesterday. This is a snap shot of my day around 2pm, Now I have officially hit 20,000 steps and it is 5:03PM! Craziness, right? Helps that I ran 11.2 km as well.


So, there's an update for you! I will be back again on Wednesday with more goodies. Time to relax with my under eye sheet masks and some peppermint tea. Such a life of glamour I lead ; ) Au revoir! 

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