Friday, August 19, 2016

A Day at the Beach & Nala's First Road Trip

Good morning!

I have been enjoying my time off to the fullest extent this week. One of my favourite things we did this week was take Nala on her first road trip.

Oh, yes. The fun continues!

Tuesday night, after having dinner with Ryan's family, we got to work in the kitchen preparing some snacks to take with us on the road. Both of us were in the mood to relax on the beach, so on Wednesday morning we packed the cooler and headed off to Tofino! We packed things like rice chips, a big container of fruit, trail mix, and we also packed fixings to make wraps once we got to our destination. It was important to me to pack relatively healthy things, especially since we would be outside and would need some good fuel to keep us going!

We made a few stops to admire the scenery along the way. The picture up top is Cameron Lake, and we stopped at a place called "Beauford Picnic Stop." It is super pretty and such a beautiful day for a drive!

Before we got to Tofino we stopped at Sproat Lake and picked up some more coffee for the road. I wasn't driving, but I knew that being in the car for 3+ hours would make me want to fall asleep. And yes, I did doze off a little bit before we got there. In my defense it was warm and sunny and how could one not doze off? At Sproat Lake they had two of these huge camp chairs, so naturally me and Nala had to snap a picture!

So, after our coffee stop we hit the road. Nala slept a good chunk of the way and we would have to wake her up to stop and go hurry up. Hurry up is her phrase to go to the bathroom! Our ultimate destination in Tofino was Chesterman Beach, and Nala loved running around on the beach and digging in the sand.

Just LOOK at that squishy and cute little face! I die. We laid out a blanket and just relaxed, made some turkey wraps and walked along the water. It was super foggy so you couldn't see anything but what was right in front of you, but the fog cleared a little bit and we were able to snap some pictures. Have you been to Tofino before? Surprisingly, Ryan and I had never been, despite living on the island for all of our lives. Actually, I think I went when I was a kid, but it's not something I vividly remember. Nevertheless, it was an amazing day and we are hoping to come back in a few weeks to check out Long Beach!

I hope you all have a great weekend & I will talk to you on Monday! : )

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