Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Lululemon Seawheeze 2016: The Festival

This is part two of my Lululemon Seawheeze weekend recap. You can read all about the run itself here, and in this post I wanted to chat about the seriously AMAZING!!! festival that took place in Stanley Park on Saturday afternoon into the evening. They don't call it run, yoga, party for nothin!

But first, let's check out the goods post race:

From left to right: Nuun hydration tabs in berry flavour, exclusive Seawheeze sunglasses (and duffel bag underneath), Lululemon water bottle, and a pouch from Friday's noon yoga class with a yoga mat cleaning spray, yoga facial mist with essential oils, and a peppermint essential oil roll-on. Not pictured: a navy blue Seawheeze hat and a pouch from Saje wellness with a few more roll-ons to help with muscle soreness and pain relief. This was applied liberally post-run!

Now for the festival. Where to begin?

Ryan and I took the shuttle bus from the Vancouver Convention Centre to Stanley Park and arrived at about 5pm. There were food vendors and little pop-up shops that circled the upper field (think a pop up Lululemon shop with exclusive Seawheeze gear, local made jewelry, artisan soaps & skincare, a fancy toasted marshmallow stand, etc), and if you looked down the hill, there was a huge stage set up for the musical entertainment. The first performer was Youngblood (we were waiting in line and missed this), second was Dear Rouge, and the headliner was Chromeo.

Upon arrival, we grabbed ourselves some Lululemon x Stanley Park Brewing Company beverages. I am not normally a beer person, but this was a brew even I enjoyed - and that is saying something from the girl who prefers caesars and wine over anything!

I was super excited to get my yoga on when class started at 6pm. Beforehand we hung out, grabbed a bite to eat and drank our beer in the shade. It was important to get some kind of food into our system since we really hadn't eaten anything since our post-race breakfast! We got into yoga mode in front of the stage and I rolled out my mat. Yoga teacher Stephanie Snyder taught a class that was relaxing, engaging, and FUN! She even had us doing partner exercises (bless Ryan's soul) to get people opening up and laughing. It felt good to stretch it out in the sunshine. This meant we were limbered up for dancing all night!

But first? Food time. The only big con of the evening was the long line-ups for food. We waited for probably an hour, and although that poutine was tasty, it was still a lengthy wait. Nevertheless, we made it back to the yoga mat just in time for the second musical act, Dear Rouge. They are a local Vancouver band and were excellent!

I had never heard Dear Rouge's music before, but it had a good rocker vibe to it and was super catchy. I had my head bobbin' around while eating my poutine (not an easy feat but I'll add it to my list of talents). If you are in the mood for some new tunes, I would highly recommend searching Dear Rouge and checking them out! 

And of course, CHROMEO! But if you let her see that fancy footwork...

I was so excited to see Chromeo perform. They put on SUCH a good show and had the crowd dancing. There was one point where they played their song called Jealous, and I was literally jumping around on my yoga mat dancing around with the biggest damn grin on my face. Ryan and I danced the night away and thoroughly enjoyed the music, the food, the drinks, and the overall atmosphere of the evening. You can't go wrong with good music and good company!

And what's a run, yoga, party without a man on stilts wearing an electric suit? Yeah, I need this at my next birthday. All in all, it was an amazing year, and the first year I was able to attend the weekend festival. Lululemon definitely made it an experience to remember, and one of the best weekends of my summer! : )


Have you ran a Seawheeze race before?

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