Monday, July 18, 2016

Seaside Sundays + Easy Egg Avocado Toast

Good morning!

A new week has begun and we are kicking it off with a weekend recap (as usual) on this little bloggy of mine.

Sunday morning looked a little something like this:

Wake up, put on run clothes & eat half a banana and a rice cake with peanut butter pre-run. I had 18km scheduled for my long run, so it was important to get this in early before the heat rolled in. It was funny because I had a dream Saturday night that I woke up SO late and had to do my long run when it was mid-day and scorching out. When I woke up, I thought to myself. Wait a minute. Did I already do my run?

Does this happen to anyone else? Not necessarily about running, but anything? Nevertheless, I got my butt outta bed and got out there. My run was a mix of trails and road, which was a nice way to switch things up. Once I was running back down our road on the way home, I noticed that I ran 18.75km. Does anyone else prefer to see round numbers? Yeah, I definitely do. So, I ended up running 19km.

The best part? I came home to coffee and pancakes! Ryan is a machine in the kitchen. He is a much better cook than myself (I specialize in very easy dishes), and had banana pancakes, a blueberry, raspberry & mango fruit syrup ready, and of course a hot press of coffee. Doesn't get much better than that!

Once we were up and ready for the day, we made our way to Nanaimo again. We were determined to find a new spot to adventure, so Neck Point it was! Both of us had never been there before (despite going to Nanaimo a billion times), so it was great to check out the scenery and all of the trails. There is a big loop around neck point that borders the ocean and entwines into the forest, and several look out stations are along the way. 

Nothing better than getting outside on a beautiful day!

We will definitely be back for another adventure.

Once we were done exploring Neck Point, we stopped for lunch and made a Costco run to pick up groceries. I am actually amazed at how fast we were in and out. Record time, baby!

That brings us to today!

Monday is going how Mondays usually go. Well, when you have the day off. Slow and easy, no where to rush to, no need to hurry.

And guess what? I did a thing today! A thing where I switched up my breakfast.


I know.

When the body wants avocado toast, you give it avocado toast... With a twist.

As you already know, avocado toast is as trendy as green juices and green smoothies these days. However, give me some avocado on some sprouted grain bread and I am a happy girl.

Doesn't take much to make me happy, clearly.

I used the Silver Hills The Big 16 brand bread. It is less processed than other breads on the market, and in the odd chance that I choose to eat bread, this is my pick.

Crack two eggs in a frying pan over medium heat. Sprinkle some pink Himalayan sea salt on there and black pepper. Cook the eggs to your liking. For me, I like mine over easy.

Then grab two slices of bread. Toast it, and mash half an avocado on your toast. You can add butter if you like, too.

While the eggs are sizzling away, throw some spinach in there for some extra greens. Why not, right? Top the spinach with some powdered garlic and chili flakes (if you like a bit of spice).

Once your eggs are done, layer the spinach on top of the avocado, then place your eggs on top. I drizzled a bit of ketchup on mine.

VOILA! Easy peasy. Now post a picture on Instagram #avocadotoast

Just kidding!


I hope you all had a beautiful weekend & I will catch up with you on Wednesday!

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