Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Meet Nala: The New Addition to our Family

So, it is official.

Ryan and I are dog parents, and we are so excited for this new adventure!

We have been looking for a dog on and off for the last year, though the perfect one never came along until just recently. Previously, we had had a not-so-great experience having a test run with a dog we were going to adopt, and after that, I felt as if maybe it wasn't meant to be. I felt as though we would be searching for another year, but as fate would have it, Nala came along at the perfect time.

Nala, her eight other siblings, and mother were rescued from a careless owner's property where they were inside a kennel with mama pup chained to it. Ryan's friend rescued the dogs, and Ryan thought now was as good a time as any, considering we both have vacation time coming up in August.

So, at least my passport will be ready for when we DO travel! Until then, our holidays in August are looking more like day trips with the dog, and we are totally happy with that!

We had Nala over for a sleep over on Sunday night after our seaside adventure (I didn't want to spill the beans right away!), and she immediately fell asleep by the garbage can, of all places. She officially comes home on Friday, but I wanted to let you in on the gossip before then!

So far she likes snuggling, sleeping on the floor where it is nice and cool, and frolicking in the backyard. Where she was staying after being rescued, there were lots of visitors in and out so she is getting used to people. Fortunately she is so calm and mellow tempered compared to some of the other pups! We know she will get more rambunctious with time, but for now we are savouring these snuggles and quiet.

This is your warning: you will be seeing lots of puppy pictures on the blog from now on! Of course, it is not Nala's blog, so I already told her that she can't always be the star of the show. I hope she understands.


Until next time, friends!

Do you have any animals? Tell me about them in the comments!

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