Monday, June 27, 2016

Sunny Sundays + My Competition Anniversary

Good morning & happy Monday!

A new week is here, and I hope you all had a great weekend. To rewind a little bit, Saturday I woke up extra early and got my long run in. It was the perfect day for running. Cool, but not cold, and overcast without any rain at all. My run started on the trail, then I looped onto the road and ran through some residential areas, and then headed back home on the trail. By the time I got home, it was my usual Saturday wake up time - crazy! I covered 15km for this long run. It is amazing how much more productive you feel during the day after starting it with a work out. Sure, I was fading a bit come dinner time, but maybe one day my body will get used to waking up at 5am.

Ha, ha, ha. I hope not, but in all seriousness, I do feel 100% more productive when I work out early to get my day started!

Saturday after work, Ryan and I drove to Victoria for a big family BBQ at his uncle's house. We had amazing food, hung out with family and just chatted the night away. I crashed as soon as we got home! The day was fulfilling and I ended the evening with a full belly and a full heart - doesn't get much better than that!

And now we are at Sunday. Oh, Sunday, how I love you! I especially love Sundays because I can sleep in as long as I want - or as long as my body will allow. 8:45am rolled around and as I lay there awake, texting my sister and scrolling through Instagram, I decided to just put my running clothes on and get out there. No questions, just get out there. My sister and I were wanting to go to the Kinsol Trestle as well, so getting my run in earlier was important since I knew the day was only going to get hotter! Today's run was an easy 5km on the trail, though after yesterday's 15km run, my legs definitely felt tired. Nonetheless, it was good to shake it off (cue the T-Swift music) and get out there.

So yesterday afternoon, Ryan, myself and my sister headed out to the trestle. It was a hot, hot day, but it was nice to be able to wander the trails and check things out. The last time I was at the trestle was during the Shawnigan Kinsol Half Marathon, but since I ran across the trestle, it didn't leave much time for checking out the scenery.

It was a fun way to kill an hour and a bit of the afternoon, and once we walked back to the truck we were all pretty hungry! This only meant one thing: lunch at the Duncan Garage. The garage is one of my favourite places for lunch. They have all kinds of delicious, homemade organic dishes, desserts, smoothies, coffee, and I seriously dig the hippie-granola-esque vibe it has. Gimme some matcha or chlorophyll in my smoothie & I'm a happy camper, am I right? We all left super satisfied, and ready to nap!

No, really. I felt like I could fall asleep when we got home, but things like laundry and dishes were calling me instead. Ah well.

Switching gears here, at this time last year I won 3rd place at the IDFA BC Classic competition. I wanted to reflect on where I am now compared to last year, and my feels post-competition.

Note, if you haven't read my post on body image, I highly recommend doing so as the feelings I spoke about in that post still ring true. I am going to jot down my ideas point form, in no order.

- I realize how much happier I am not in a caloric deficit. Yes, I am aware that you need to be in a deficit to lose weight, however competition style training is not suitable for every day living.
- I much prefer eating "intuitively" and listening to my body for what it needs.
- I do miss weight training, HOWEVER I have fallen in love with yoga and running all over again. This has been nice, and I know I can incorporate strength training again.
- It is easier on my family and loved ones. I think this speaks for itself. Yes, you can always bring your own food to family gatherings and being in each other's company should be enough, but come on. If it's someone's birthday, I am going to have at least a little slice of cake and celebrate with them!
- My perspective on the competition industry has changed now that I have been involved in a fitness show. I realize how competitive it can be, and also how dangerous it can be for those who are constantly dieting and never giving their body a break.
- You have to compete for the right reasons - not to lose weight, not to prove anything to anyone else. My reasons of competing were to challenge myself and see how my body could change simply by changing training and nutrition. I also wanted to practice being confident in my body on stage and challenge my mental stamina.
- I will only compete again if I get a strong, strong itch to do so. Right now it comes and goes, but I am also not actively building muscle right now (meaning I am not training at a gym or lifting heavy), since technically this would be considered my off season if I were to do another show any time soon.

Most importantly:
I am happiest with a glass of wine surrounded by friends and family.

Anyway, those are just some of my thoughts since my competition last year. There is so much I want to do in life, and maybe I will compete again, maybe I won't. Right now my mind is set on simply enjoying life to the fullest and being balanced in my approach to health. Sure, I am not in as great of shape as I was before, but that is not the goal. Life is too short!

I hope you all have a great day & catch ya in the next one!

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