Monday, June 6, 2016

Goddess Run 5K Review + Monday Moments

Summer is here, and it was a hot hot HOT weekend!

29 degrees on my way home from my run Saturday afternoon. I had good intentions of waking up early before work to get my run in, but I ended up sleeping through my alarm and by the time I woke up, there wasn't nearly enough time to run. So, that left me runnin' in the sun. The Lululemon Seawheeze training plan at a 6km run on deck, so I rounded up to 4 miles and came home a sweaty mess. After getting myself cleaned up, we headed out to a local brew pub for dinner and all was well in the world. Does anyone else come home after a run absolutely hangry? That was me on Saturday!

Sunday was the Victoria Goddess Run 5k!

Ryan so kindly drove my sister and I to the race, while my mom and a group of her friends drove together. We met up and all started together, though as races usually go ended up parting ways as the course went on. I made an effort to stay with my sister for the whole race. Since I had just completed my long run of the week the day before, I was game to do a walk-run thing with her and give my body a bit of a break. The course was fun, and some people in the residential areas even had hoses and sprinklers out for the runners to run through since it was so hot out. If only you could see my sunburn today!

Snapchat saved from my sister Sarah 

This year was the first year the Goddess Run handed out medals - usually it is a necklace at the end, but this year we received the necklace in our race package AND a medal at the end.

The Goddess Run is always such a well organized event, and the volunteers are great, too. This year was my 4th year doing it, and I am happy to have this annual tradition with my mom & sister!

A closer look at the medal. Isn't it preeeetty!?

After the run I went to the Running Room.

Oh, yes. And I mama got a new pair of shoes! ; )

My current shoes are Asics, and although I used to be a Mizuno girl all the way when I first started running, I am slowly making a switch over to more of a stability shoe. There is cushion in all the right places (ayyy, ladies? I kid, I kid) and since I have more of a narrow foot, the toe box fits my foot well. If you are in the market for some new running shoes I highly suggest getting fitted at your local running store!

Post Goddess Run activities included going to my parents' house to harvest some garden goodies! Check out those cauliflower! I am soo excited for them. The garlic isn't quite ready to eat yet since we store it to dry in the shed, but I am excited to use fresh grown garlic in some recipes to come.

And here we are at today! 

Soooo, I may have ditched hot yoga this morning to sit on the deck, have my breakfast, read Harry Potter & drink some coffee. I could've done some yoga out on the deck if I really wanted to, but since we have had some pretty early mornings all week, I wanted to savor a little sleep in. Upon waking up, I drank some water and got my running clothes on. Monday's training run was 35 minutes easy. Easy? Although I left fairly early in the morning (just before 8am), it was still super hot outside and made the run feel hard. Fortunately the trail near our house is mostly shaded to cover me from becoming (even more) sun burnt. The coffee tasted extra tasty this morning after that run!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! That is all for my recap today. Now I am off to read in the sunshine and then off to Zumba class tonight with my sister : ) Catch you again on Wednesday!

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